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cookie time

IMG_3969 blog
Today I woke up and I just felt like baking and blogging… and so I did!

I baked delightful chocolate chip cookies, wrote this post and now I feel like satisfied…

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The cookies are adapted from Mary McCartney’s EAT : Arty’s chocolate chip cookies:


115 g salted butter

60 g golden caster sugar (I used 40 g)

1 large free-range egg, beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

170g plain or spelt flour (I used: 60 g rice flour + 60 almond flour + 60 g GF oats flour)

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

175 plain dark chocolate, broken up and bashed into little chunks

(Mary says you can use milk chocolate if you prefer… of course I do! So I used 100 g milk chocolate + 50 g cranberries)


Preheat your oven to 190 C.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper baking parchment.

Cream together the butter and the sugar in a large mix bowl. Mix in the egg and the vanilla and beat well. Then mix the rest of the ingredients.

Spoon tablespoonfulls of chocolate dough onto your baking tray, spacing them out well, so they won’t stick together.

Put them in the oven for about 10 min (mine needed about 16 min.) Until they are (de)lightly golden and just firm to touch.

Leave the cookies to cool, preferably on a wire rack. Then eat!

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Wish you all a delightful week!

Lots of love,

dp bye


reading I cooking tip


Today, I would like to share a very good reading/cooking book(s) tip with you!

As I told you in here, part of my ‘living alone (+my lovely husband) learning process’ was learning how to cook (even boiling an egg was a big challenge some time ago), so as a  good nerdy girl, I bought some books, of course… and started learning things!

Three of this books are today my ‘bibles’  not only because I use each of them at least once in a week but also because they are books from women who also cook in a marvelous way but who are first of all fantastic photographers and super conscient human beans.

Each one of this books reflects the life of the kind of woman I try to be: a talented professional, who uses her time and make her choices based on life quality and sustainable factors. A ‘super-woman’ (wooowwwww) who’s able to deal with every day tasks and also find time to prepare herself and her family a delightful, fresh and beautiful meal, photo shoot it beautifully, and share it with other talented fellow friends!

I am not here to ‘convert’ any of you guys into my ‘kind of’ cooking religion, but I am here to say: Hello! you don’t have to become a chef or a Mamma to cook good food! And you know what? You don’t have to be unable to even boil an egg just because you are a very talented and busy business woman! I mean: look the pretty ones bellow, take a deep breath and embrace all your super-woman tasks! You can make it…

reading tip

All this conversation makes me think about one of my very role-models: Ray Eames, the most talented artist who was also known for her marvelous dinners.

Great thing about this dinners? I bet the food was excellent… but they were not really about it, they were actually all about composition, colours, forms and smell mixtures.

A funny story about one of this dinners is the one about Ray bringing marvelous flower bouquets for dessert and warning her guests: You are not supposed to eat it! It is a visual delight… Enjoy it! I MUST write a post about it!

talk to you soon, and have a great weekend…

dp bye

stuffed artichoke

ald eat 02

Last week Jonathan went to the supermarket and came back with artichokes!

I L O V E artichokes, ever since I can remember, but Mom wasn’t such a fan, and the thing is… they are not THAT usual in Brazil, but thank God I have my Nona, and I could always found some artichokes she baked (or kept) specially for me, when visiting she and Nono!

Anyway, by that time I would never dream about cooking, and had never asked my Nona about how to bake my own artichokes! So when Jonathan came in, I had to make a little research, and after a short time I felt ready to prepare us some proper lunch!

The thing is: I wanted FULLY LOADED artichokes, as the ones my Nona used to prepare, so I kind of followed Mark Bittman’s tips about how to prepare an artichoke, BUT used the traditional filling from my Nona ( The original version for Jonathan and a Gluten Free interpretation for me, which happened to be delightful in a way even Jonathan had to admit! I mean: he is not bad with that, but it is really hard for him to find some GF version to taste even close, what about BETTER than the regular recipe… Fortunately, this was the case this time!).

To drink we had strawberry + basil Gin tonic! We have been testing a lot of combinations around here, and I may post about it pretty soon!

ald eat 02b

If you want to try the Artichoke, those are the instructions:


To prepare your artichokes, I advise you to watch Mark Bittman’s tutorial.


1 cup of bread crumbs;

½ cup of Parmigiano (the best you can afford);

2 Table spoons of olive oil;

1 minced garlic clove .


1 cup:  ½ roasted cassava (manioc) flour + ¼ nutritional Yeast + ¼ sunflower seeds;

½ cup of Parmigiano (the best you can afford);

2 Table spoons of olive oil;

1 minced garlic clove .


Mix your filling until you obtain a crumb: not so dry, but also not so wet… things have to stick together, but should not turn into a pastry!

Then, you have to do your best trying to fill every gap in between leaves with all the filling you can!

When your artichokes are fully loaded, you may place them in a large pan, and steam cook it for about 30 min. (steam cook meaning the old school way: as Nona used to do… don´t try to use a steam cooker! I used a large pan with 2 cm of water, and placed the artichokes higher than the water, simple as that!)

Uncomplicated, delightful Italian food!

dp bye

oh so sweet popcorn


The thing is: I honestly love it but I could never manage to do some by myself!

I mean: I messed up badly with some of my mother’s pans…

So, one rainy afternoon, I decided to recycle some popcorn leftovers, and it ended up into a delightful surprise. Ok, in this case, the lightness refers to how easy and fast you can prepare it … so we can name it alight delight after all!


In a pan, melt some sugar. Feel free to add some water or cognac, which I recommend better!

When you obtain a homogeny mixture, add the leftover popcorn, and mix it until every popcorn get some coverture!

To serve I added just a little bit of sea salt!

enjoy it!dp bye