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If you don’t know me, I have a GREAT TIP! If you do… well, you’ll have to listen to the lululemon lecture one more time!!!

Just kidding! The link is more than enough for those who love Yoga, and for some reason don’t know lululemon already!

What I love about lululemon is the blog, and all the step by step assanas! Today I will share with you guys two series that really helped me improving my headstand, and my (still in progress) side crow!

Hope it may be a useful tip! And wish you a delightful practice!

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just do it!

ald.yeh 01Have you ever seen the movie “never been kissed”? (and if you just thought: “what the f*** ?” … please keep following the lines and you’ll see: it is worth the reading!) So… you may remember the first line of the movie: “My name is blablabla, I am a lot of years old and I have never been kissed!” Which may not concern us… we have to go further, to the second line so I can go on with my story: “what is not so hard to understand, despite the fact that from my early years until graduation day, I spent every afternoon in my room doing my homework”: THAT´S THE STORY OF MY LIFE! And it was not a bad life, honestly!!! I mean, I am a freaking nerd, even today I can’t help myself from fighting ( always in a very fair way) to be the best student in class! So I can tell you, I did my best and I had a great time BUT (oh f****** but ): As soon as I became the fatty smart girl I also lost something really important: suddenly I was no longer expected to participate or to succeed in any physical activity, and things moved along just like that until the day I was 15!

So, when I was about to turn 15, I would have a big birthday party and it was really hard for me find a proper dress regarding my unusual shape! Also I had never been kissed so far, and decided I would do my best to fit in a read made dress and also to be worth kissing! Yehhh!

From that day exercising became a routine, but not yet a delightful activity. Not until I started running and practicing Yoga, two activities I can no longer live without!

When I am running, I really feel like I was born and designed for it… usually I think about Forrest Gump, and even plan briefly how to abandon everything and everyone to go on an endless run (usually somewhere between 5km and 10 km that feeling disappear, but while it lasts…it is one of the best feelings on earth!).

When I am doing Yoga, I feel pretty much the same way as when I am running! I mean: I really try to give my best and go further on every exhale, and I am always amazed about how you can go further and further in whatever position (asana), and how easy asanas can always turn into new challenges when you finally “got there” and are finally ready to go one step further… and its endless, really! I had already “downwardfacingdogged” in a lot of progressed ways, and I swear: that’s always a way to press your foot more into the ground, and to lift your toes, and squeeze your arms against each other, and maybe flex your elbow a little bit always breathing in compass of course!  And after all you spend the whole weekend in pain just to do a proper downward facing dog, what is, if know something about yoga a pretty much level 1 asana…

So what about the rest??? Yehhh… you have to work your ass for the rest baby, but honestly, nothing makes me happier than this constant learning / progressing feeling, which is pretty much related to how your body can go further and get stronger and more flexible depending on how much time and effort you spend with some asanas. And realizing your body development is priceless!

Please don’t ask me what I like better, running or doing Yoga, I cannot ask such question! Thank god I don’t have to choose between them!

And I also should not! I may practice both of them until I can walk, or put my leg around my neck (!!!)…  I mean, I will keep practicing both of them as long as I can, because I love it, and really suggest people to find a delightful healthy habit for their lives no matter how old, fat, unhealthy or unhappy you are (and also no matter how young, fit, healthy and happy you may be), because exercise should be a pleasure, you just have find out what pleases you!

p.s.: unfortunately, those are not my back and legs… I borrowed them from here and here respectively!

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