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Kao Thom Mad


Have you ever tried Kao Thom Mad? A delightful Thay dessert made of rice, black beans, banana and coconut milk?

Well… I must say: You should give it a try…

It is by far my favorite Thay dessert, and I have to confess: I didn’t even want to try it when I first read the ingredients list… that sounded as Feijoada in a bar…and not at all as sweet treat! But as soon as I smelt it, I just wanted a bite, which was enough: love at first bite!


Something I love about this desert: It is not so sweet but full of flavor and beyond satisfying! Besides the taste, I love the whole presentation and the unpacking process… It is much more like receiving a gift, than having dessert! And I love this aspect of oriental food… the way food is meant to be admired, carefully taken and slowly enjoyed! Something about taste, smell, colors, texture, surprise… it is not only cooking and eating but enjoying! Making it special… making it worthy!

Here you can find the recipe for this sweet delight, or if you live in Basel, you can just go to ‘new asia markt’ and grab a stick!

dp bye




Today I would like to share some shots from Oporto with you guys!


As I said before, I spent a week between Oporto, Braga and Matosinhos.


In Matosinhos we visited ‘piscina das marés’ a beautiful project from Alvaro Siza’s early years.




We also walked a lot along the city, its landmarks…



And its streets …


In Braga we have been to the beautiful ‘Bom Jesus do Monte’ church.




And back to Oporto we have been to koolhaas’s ‘casa de musica’




We had a great time, surrounded by very special people!


After Oporto I flew to Brasil, where I have been ever since! Having a great time with my family, dear friends and a loot of babies!

I’ll love to post some shots from my days in Brazil soon!

So far, I can share the beautiful pictures above, and totally recommend a flight or a drive to Oporto: a beautiful place full of history and kind citizens. Also the perfect place to taste Port Wine and understand better its history and its specialties… They are many, and great ones! I should talk about it later!

talk to you soon,    dp bye

D.I.Y. reading tip

If you also like to try some DIY projects sometimes, here is my reading tip for you:


CUT is a magazine from Munich, and I cannot say if you will find it somewhere else! I know you may found it in Switzerland and Austria, but I am not sure about any other location… Even though it is a super tip… and I have to share it ( even if with only a few of you guys!).

Actually, that’s bull s***  because you can check the website! (I think I might be the only one around here buying magazines…jehhh)

The name of the magazine: ‘CUT – Leute machen Kleider’ means: ‘CUT – people making clothes’! And besides great ideas (not only about clothing) the magazine also brings great articles and three different cutting molds within every new edition!

Hope you all enjoy it!


dp bye



We love Fattoush around here. The classical Pitta bread  Sallad… Tomatoes, Cucumber, onions and some good yogurt…hummmm…DELIGHTFUL!

It is not only about Fattoush, we really LOVE Arabian and Lebanese food, and used to have it at least once a week back in São Paulo, but now…things have changed, and I cannot choose anymore between a lot of options… This is not a problem. Not at all! Since I have been experimenting with my own Lebanese dishes recently!

Here I offer you my fattoush salad recipe, and as the images may show, I make it two ways: the regular one with Pita Bread, and a Gluten-free version using corn crackers.


I know I am not proposing a fair change in here, but if you have to avoid gluten and also love fattoush, you might think It may be a quite fair replacement! I tried, and I loved it…


(recipe adapted from here)

2 slices of pita bread + 1 cup of organic GF corn crackers.

Olive oil

A pinch of sea salt and oregano

1/2 cup of Greek yogurt

Juice of  ½ a lemon juice

2 unpeeled chopped tomatoes

1 unpeeled chopped cucumber

1 sliced red onion

1 garlic of clove, finely minced

1/2 cup of chopped parsley

1/2 of  fresh mint


Place the slices of Pita on a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt and  oregano and bring into oven until it’s crispy and golden. When it’s done, crack the slices into smaller pieces.

In a bowl mix together:  yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. Set it aside.

In a large Bowl combine: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, clove, parsley and mint. Mix it; add the yogurt dressing and mix a bit more!

Serve with your pita or corn crackers, and enjoy it!

dp bye

pasta a fiori di zucca


What about an easy, not so light… but delightful, beautiful meal?

veneza (87)

This pasta recipe uses one of Campania’s usual treats , ‘le fiore di zucca’, upon gluten-free corn pasta al ‘triplo burro’(butter+cream+parmeggiano).


In Napoli, you’ll probably have deep-fried flowers, with or without filling. I fill my flowers with ricotta and herbs, and then took into oven… no deep-frying… to make the flowers’ flavor easier to identify!

You can use regular pasta if you want but the corn pasta is a great add to this recipe!


Needed for 2:

6 or 8 courgette flowers

A cup of ricotta

¼ of cup of thyme and parsley

Olive oil

Pinch of sea salt and pepper

400g of corn pasta

1 table-spoon of butter

2 table-spoons of heavy cream

1 handful of grana padano


Carefully wash the flowers and remove the bulbs.

Mix the ricotta, the greens and some olive oil. Add salt and pepper (and a bit of grana padano if you want some melting cheese coming out of your flowers!

Carefully fill the flowers using a small spoon. Make it about ¾ filled, and then make a lap with the petals, so the filling won’t come out.

Place the flowers on a baking sheet and bring it to 175˚ oven for about 15 minutes, or sooner if some filling starts to come off!


In the meanwhile, bring your pasta into boiling water with a little bit of olive oil and salt, and prepare your sauce by  bringing the butter, cream and cheese together in a large skillet until the mixture is uniform.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add into the sauce skillet. You can add some extra cheese or cream if you judge it necessary.

Place the pasta on the dishes and gently lay the flowers upon it.

I usually unlap the petals very gently so you can see the filling!


Tip: You can have your pasta with some greeny gin tonic !

Hope you enjoy it!

dp bye

let’s talk about:

ald.arq 01

I have some much to say about architecture… BUT first I must say : EAMES, BARDI, KAHN.


I love Charles and Ray Eames story and furniture!

I am a pleased owner of two DSW chairs, one DAR and one DCW!

I intend to write extra lines about them in the future, but in this first moment I would like to recommend the documentary about the architect and the painter.


Lina Bo Bardi was an Italian architect who found in Brasil her home.

Lina designed not only amazing buildings, but also absolutely fine pieces of furniture and jewelry.

I have left my ‘girafinha’ chair in Brasil, and I miss it every day!

What I definitely admire about Lina is the precision she had to put things together, into masterpieces. Not only when she gathered references to create architecture or furniture, but also when she put words together to build remarkable sentences and texts.

I recommend the book “lina por escrito” for the Portuguese readers, and I hope Lina’s texts happen to be published in other languages in a near future!


Last week we went to Louis Kahn exhibition at Vitra design museum.

The exposition was extremelly fine, even though I found it hard to be uninteresting when it comes to Mr.s Kahn, a guy who produced remarkable architecture, but who was himself a very interesting man.

I must also recommend “my architecture” a documentary about Louis, for those who might be interested to know more about Mr.Kahn. Try this preview first!

Hope you may have a delightful time, even or most of all if you are not an architect!dp bye