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D.I.Y. reading tip

If you also like to try some DIY projects sometimes, here is my reading tip for you:


CUT is a magazine from Munich, and I cannot say if you will find it somewhere else! I know you may found it in Switzerland and Austria, but I am not sure about any other location… Even though it is a super tip… and I have to share it ( even if with only a few of you guys!).

Actually, that’s bull s***  because you can check the website! (I think I might be the only one around here buying magazines…jehhh)

The name of the magazine: ‘CUT – Leute machen Kleider’ means: ‘CUT – people making clothes’! And besides great ideas (not only about clothing) the magazine also brings great articles and three different cutting molds within every new edition!

Hope you all enjoy it!


dp bye


D.I.Y. sunglass case 02Last week I had such a great time playing with my sewing machine! And I am very glad to share the results with you guys!!!

Here is the thing: I am freaking neurotic about some organization attitudes, and something that really nerves me, is to see my or someone else’s sunglass free-falling into the wildness of a suitcase, or lying around on the sand out of protection:

(seriously: last year I spent pretty much two weeks completely sad about a damage on my sunglass lens… in the meantime Jonathan had a lot of fun making jokes about it and telling me it was nothing but a lint … really mean!!! Then one day he took the sunglass from my hands, spat on the lens, rubbed it against his T-shirt – seriously – BUT I have to tell you the truth: he solved the whole situation! The problem is: I would never have the balls to be so aggressive with my very own belongings, so I’d better take good care of them!!! )

Both me and Jonathan have only big cases for our sunglasses,  really inconvenient to carry around, and we should not simply decide not to carry a sunglass case… (and by now you may understand what I mean, right?!).

So what better than a unique sunglass case, that one could definitely not live without? I could not think about anything else until I finally made it: 02aFor this project you will need nothing but some fancy textiles, colorful line (I love when you can actually see it), and of course, a scissor and a sewing machine! Actually you can also sew it by yourself, because it is a very simple project. And if you have an overclock machine, which is not my case, you can assemble inside and outside layers without borders and have a reversible case (I played with inside and outside colors, but unfortunately my case is not reversible…)!

dp bye

sewing 01 

Once upon a time … (OR just being realistic: ever since I found my 1914 15S singer) there was a beautiful young lady (once we are playing fairytale here…)  who was often seen around making some kind of art and definitely having a joyful time when ‘playing’ with this kind of pre-historical machine she has been given!

That’s me! Even better: That is my personal fairytale: The story about a magical place called ‘my corner’ the same place  you can easily recognise up there!

So far, my very preferred project was to sew coverture pieces for my bicycle!

Because besides modeling and sewing, I had a lot of fun stamping the fabric myself!!!

I mean:  I really love sunny days, but lately I also became a big fan of rainy days, they are perfect for you to immerse your(MY)self in this kind of projects!dp bye