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recent past

Oh God, I cannot understand how come but it’s already September, or should I say … almost October? And my last post was a (late!) happy new years’ post!!! What a mess…

What happened? (…actually a lot!) And the fact is: I haven’t been lazy at all since my last post but I have to say something up loud – although it may hurt my deepest feelings:

I am not such a multitask talent as I seemed to be in my sweetest dreams…

And you know what? It is not an excuse not to write: It is a vote that I am going to write even if a little bit, and yes sometimes I’ll have to postpone other things I also like, because this blog matters a lot and I missed it like crazy for the past few months.

Talking about the last months, I have some picturess to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy it!

We have been around…

here in switzerland

IMG_4828 ald

Genfersee – Lac Lèman, Genève



IMG_3956 b

IMG_3951 b

we spent a weekend in Geneve recently and visited ‘La Claritè’ a beautiful building designed by Le Corbusier and his cusin Pierre Jeaneret in the end of the 20’s. (photos  above) And the unbelievable ‘Le Lignon‘ (photo below)


IMG_3921 b


We went a little bit further for our second but even though breathtaking visit to Ronchamp, also from Corbusier, but now we could see the new sisters dormitories  from Renzo Piano

IMG_3626 i IMG_3670 i IMG_3729 i IMG_3647 i

And yet in France… Paris…


IMG_3942 ald





IMG_3613 i




IMG_3529 a






IMG_3791 ald

But wait, we went even further! We´ve been to Japan, and it was sooo awesome!







We have visited Tokyo,













Kyoto and Osaka









We have also being to Brasil, and it was like Christmas in July : )

IMG_3812 ald

Now we are back and ready for more!

With all my love and happiness

dp bye




Yes baby, yes!!! Last week I went to Zurich to see the Lumineers, and it was Awesome!!!

Of course… I love the guys, but honestly: They are great ( and you should read it as :  G R E A T ! ) performers.

I have already mentioned the Lumineers on this post , but if you missed the tip and don’t know the band yet, I highly recommend this video clip, for you to get started!

They are a genuine folk band of very talented instrumentists, composers and performers.


The opening Band was ‘Thao and the get down stay down‘, and I have to tell you the truth: I had never heard about them until last week, but ever since then I can’t listen to anything else! You should try it out


Thao is the vocalist, and she performs with incomparable passion and vitality together with her multi-talented band!

I had the most delightful night, and hope this tips and my very few images may be enough to inspire you to know more about both Thao and the Lumineers!

Hope you enjoy it, and if possible have the opportunity to see them performing in your city!

Lots of love… uohhhohhh…dp bye

love is in the air…


This weekend we celebrated with great style, Lily’s bachelorette Party!



The weather was amazing, and we were all wearing white, except for our lovely bride to be!


We had a lot of fun, played a lot of games, ate a lot of good food and drank a looot of good wine…



I had the opportunity to prepare one of my favourite tricky special-treats: Jelly watermelon with vodka!


An so it was: A pleasant day,with lovely people gathered together to celebrate with a dear friend!

I am pretty sure I speak for all of us (the pretty girls above)+ a whole bunch of people: We wish Lilly all the very best ! Thank you very much to have us with you in such a special day!

So!!! If you want to share some special moments with your girlfriends I highly recommend you to prepare some jelly watermelon! Here’s what you need for about 10 people: One little watermelon, 25 g. of Agar Agar or unflavored gelatine (+ the amount of water necessary to solve it = 10 table spoons), about 3dl. of Vodka, and about 1/2 a cup of sugar or 2 table spoons of Stevia.

(My watermelon was super sweet, so I decided to use no sweetener at all , BUT… after it cooled out, the vodka flavour was a little bit too bitter so I did sprinkle some crystal sugar plus a little bit of sea salt over the already sliced pieces, and I think it worked perfectly!)


Method: Cut your watermelon in half, and save one of the parts for your tomorrow detox juicy (watermelon+lime+lots of ice!). For now, you should remove all the fruit of the other half watermelon, but let about one centimeter of fruit between the shell and the void you are supposed to create! Process the fruit and add vodka, gelatine and some sweetener if you want! Place the mixture inside the empty half , and took it to the refrigerator for about 6 hours, or over night!

Enjoy it with special people!

dp bye

greeny gin tonic

ald eat 04

So…what about gin tonic?

First thing: It is delicious; Second thing: It fits perfectly pretty much whatever occasion: lunches, dinners, parties, cocktail (or as we say over here: Apéro) nights; Third thing: you can try multiple tasteful variations!; Last thing: you should take it easy, because even though it may taste like a soft drink it is pretty alcoholic!

I wrote earlier on this post about testing some gin t. variations, and so far we have a winner: Green Apple + Lemon Balm Gin Tonic!

So you may ask me: ok…what about Green Apple + Lemon Balm Gin Tonic? Well… the citric taste and also the smell are awesome, but what I must say is: the apples you have left happen to be the best part of the whole thing! I mean: Apples works fine as sponges, did you know that?! Well, I didn’t until now…

For two reasonable GALB GinT’s, you will need half an apple, about ten lemon balm leaves, 0.33dl. of tonic, and half the amount of Gin! The important thing is to cut super thin apple slices! They happen to lose more “juice”, and also to absorb more gin: believe me: It is a great exchange!


Tip: mix the liquids first, to be sure about proportions, then add your greens (what makes the whole thing sounds super healthy…heheheee) , some ice … briefly mix it and voilà!

Enjoy it!dp bye


ald.lov 01 We have been setting up our home for pretty much a year and I am dying to have people in!!!

We are planning menus for drink nights and dinners, which we may offer to our friends pretty soon!!!

Wright now we are testing menus, layouts, snacks, and of course DRINKS!

I will be pleased to share some of them with you guys soon!dp bye