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pwrsof10 - 01

Ok guys… I must bring a ‘parenthesis’ in here today! I really do…

The thing is: I promised to write about Brazil and Amsterdam, and I also promised a post about Ray Eames, and that’s the moment when I got lost!!!

Not in a bad way… not at all!!! Actually the thing is: I could not resist to write this ‘parenthesis post’  today: 10/10! I mean (and I really mean it):  I don’t believe in a lot of things, but come on!!!  It must be a sign… and it says: write it girl!!!

Nevertheless… I am pretty sure you are all going to forgive me – and maybe even thank me after a while – for this negligent act! (Yes…the drama is back!!!)

So: What is this so-called ‘parenthesis post’ all about? It is about ‘Powers of ten’– a documentary by Charles and Ray Eames

(of course)!

pwrsof10 - 02

It is awesome! Especially if you try to put yourself in their position… back in 1968 , I mean… If you are younger than me… you may not know but at this point, Neil Armstrong hadn’t even stepped on the moon yet!!! Really…There was a world like that not so long ago…

pwrsof10 - 03

Of course I had to add some images from ‘Powers of ten’  pic-nic set composition into my ‘under-construction’ post about Ray, and I could not help myself from bringing this delightful video-tip for those who might be interested!

Especially if you are one who likes fine composition, interesting subjects, and of course my delightful tips!

Thanks for reading me!dp bye

credits: this image is an interpretation of mine from this great poster by


Movie Tip

jiro dreams of sushi s

I have a very good tip for you today… Have you seen ‘Jiro dreams of sushi’?

It is a 2011 documentary film about Jiro Ono an 85-year-old sushi master, and one of the few chefs whose restaurant is a three-star’s Michelin.

Jiro is a hard worker, who is still trying to improve his technique in order to make the ‘perfect sushi’.

The passion of Jiro makes the whole movie goes on. From his discipline, to his delicate perception about colors, tastes and textures, Jiro is always trying to do something new, something unexpected…It is not only about the food: It is about passion and perfectionism.

I think it is a beautiful movie about doing what you like with all the passion you may have. Even more if you dare!

Watching  Jiro is at least inspiring!

If you already saw it, I would be delighted to hear your opinion about this inspiring movie. If not, give it a try…  and then let me know!


dp bye

have you seen sugar man?

ald art movHave you seen the Oscar-winning documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’? You totally have to!

Searching for Sugar Man’ is by far the most unbelievable story I’ve heard of recently! Seriously, if it was not a documentary, It would have been the best screenplay award winner this year, and I am not kidding you… not at all!

Just to start a conversation here: Have you ever heard of Sixto Rodriguez? Do you even know if he is an author, a chef, an architect or a rock star?

Do you know Sixto Rodriguez is a singer and a composer who sold more records in South Africa than Elvis, and even the Beatles?

Don’t you feel at least a little bit curious about Sixto right now? Well, you are not the only one. Even Sixto’s fans didn’t have a clue either if the guy was dead or alive during decades!

The documentary as the name may suggest is pretty much about it : a search for South Africa’s  greatest singer, if not Freedom ‘guru’ trough apartheid regime. For every one who is not a south african, the movie is a search for this enigmatic figure we passed by somehow…

I have to stop right now, because I am terrible with this kind of games, and I am going to tell you the whole story in about a minute! So here is my tip (click here to check the trailer) !  And I would love to know your opinion about it!

Extra tip: If you like the subject, or if you enjoy stories like Sixto’s you should watch to ‘Beware of Mr Baker‘, another unbelievable and CRAZY story. This one is about Ginger Baker: one of the greatest Drummers ever (sais who? Not me of course, but pretty much all the greatest drummers around). Hope you enjoy it as well!


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and he sings …

Have I told you I have a crush on Kevin Spacey?!?! 03 spacey 01

Yes, I totally dooo! Because of his voice, the look in his eyes… his kindda ball head… but especially because he sings!!!

I already told you guys about Forever Cool where Kevin pairs up with Dean Martin in ‘Ain’t that a kick in the head’ and ‘king of the road’. What I’ve never told you (maybe because I didn’t know it so far…), is that on 2005 Kevin was in a movie about Bobby Darin, called ‘Beyond the see’, and boy… he singed up loud! 03 spacey 02

About the movie: I can’t say a thing until I got to watch it… but I saw Kevin performing in here and I loved it!

Why doesn’t someone make a movie about Dean Martin? Maybe also with Mr. Spacey at the main role???

I mean: the man rocks… Come on!

Funny thing and extra tip: 03 stones

Searching the internet for further information about ‘beyond the sea’, I happened to find this review from Mr.Clinton (yes, former Mr.President!), about his good fellow new movie! I mean… I am not into politics here (especially because I am a pretty Gore girl, and also because I may have my opinions but I am not even a north-american…so it is not up to me to start this kind of conversation…), but this review made me remember of Clinton’s appearance at Scorsese’s ‘shine a light’ that is a must see! The guy is so POP!!! He remembers me of old Mr.Kennedy dating his fellow ‘rat pack’ friends… I mean… he is COOL!

Hope you all may check and appreciate my delightful tips!


dp bye

must know tip 02

Do you know Domenico Modugno? Well you definitely do… So let me refresh my question: Does this words sound familiar: “…amada mia amore mio…lalalalala…amada mia amore mio…”?

I am pretty sure most of you have seen Woody Allen’s last movie  ‘ To Rome with love ‘ , and if you did the words I just typed might be playing in your head by now … funny right?!?

Right! But I didn’t even started… SERIOUSLY: Modugno may be cheesy, but he is one of Italy’s must know!

Besides writing and singing some of the most remarkable Italian “Canzoni”, the man performed as an actor in  more than 40 movies, among them  ‘Appuntamento a Ischia ‘ and that is a HIT!

If you are still not convinced, I have some extra cards hidden in my pocket: such as  ‘Dio, come ti amo ‘,  ‘Io’ also performed by Elvis Presley as ‘ Ask Me’ , and tadadada:

‘ Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu ‘ (and this one is beyond awesome…especially if performed by the incredible martini man – Dean Martin – come on!!!).

I bet by now you must be thinking: How did I neglected Modugno for so long?!? (Hahaha – I am so naïve…). But really: You should look it out … I am pretty sure you won’t regret it!

dp bye

watch out …

ald.movies 01

I love movies, especially those from Marlene Dietrich ( MD … because it makes me sound sooo refined … BUT the truth is: ) because I really have to practice my German…

And, ok: I will later discuss about a looot of movies, but right now I have to point out some great German movies available in whatever language you may dream of (ok… maybe not Esperanto, but certainly something you may understand):


DAS LEBEN DER ANDEREN – the lives of the others (2)