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blending days

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Maybe it is because of the winter : that ‘finally’ arrived… Maybe it is because life is getting busier recently…

Maybe it is because I am getting lazy (and lazier), or maybe it is just a little bit of everything…

The thing is: For the past couple of weeks my cooking was pretty much reduced to blending ! And it is a great thing after all…

Whether if you are busy; lazy or simply in the mood, here is my tip for a delicious and super nutritive ‘anytime smoothie’!

I say anytime, because it is one of my favourite after-yoga smoothies, plus some greens to make it a quick-lunch or dinner!


The ingredients are light and super detoxifying: apple, lime, currants, poppy seeds, spinach , yogurt or almond milk and if you want some protein powder.

The lime is a very special ingredient to this smoothie flavour! I first decided to add it because my protein powder has a resilient vanilla flavour, and it always felt weird to have both: protein + spinach on the same smoothie – just until I first added limes, and loved the combination – !!!

ald 010

Anytime Smoothie


In a blender mix well: a handful of raw spinach leaves; one peeled apple (I use 1/2 gala + 1/2 granny); 3 sticks of currants; 1/2 peeled lime (I add part of the peel most times); 1 tea-spoon of poppy-seed; 100 ml of almond milk or greek yogurt (I always prefer those who are made of goat’s milk); and a table-spoon of protein powder.

It’s recently my very favourite smoothie! I hope you to prove it, and of course to enjoy it!

extra tip:

If you are going through a busy week, or if it is a very warm week ( which is – unfortunately – not the case in here right now) you can prepare the fruits and leaves and store the portions on your refrigerator to blend whenever you want… I always avoid to freeze  but sometimes I have to because I am short on time, and I have to admit:  that is no better way for you to have a really ‘super smooth’ smoothie than blending frozen fruits !

Have a great week,

dp bye


eating tip

ald eat


We went to Milano to celebrate my very happy birthday, and had a delightful and also very interesting dinner at ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘.

The restaurant is really cozy, and the neighbourhood is ‘the place to be’ on a saturday night: at Ripa di Porta Ticinese on the so-called “Naviglio Grande”  (the canal projected by Leonardo da Vinci).

The Chef  Matias Perdomo  is really a master of composition, and the food was always a feast for our eyes.

Al pont de Ferr is also the place for you to go if your thing is Champagne, once ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘ belongs to Maida Mercuri, a well-known sommelier and her Cellar includes more than 500 labels amongst which the best Champagnes.


About our dinner:

To start we received mini-mozzarelas and olives and also Billini’s bonbons (and if you never had Bellini – a Venetian drink – you must have it at Harry’s bar once!)


We were also offered a great selection of home-made breads. I had to try the croissant and must say: I am so happy I did it! It was delicious… a proper competitor for the one I call ‘the one and only Tuefelhof‘s croissant’.


As a starter I had the onion cream, in a thin ‘sugar-cristal-coverture’ upon roasted sesame : SUPER !


Jonathan had the carpaccio with rocket and foie gras : and he LOVED it!


For his primo piatto, Jonathan had a delicious pasta ‘al aglio i olio’.


And as main dish he had a mediterranean fish.


I had potato gnocchi with zucchini, gamberetti (shrimps) and panna!


There weren’t many vegetarian options out of gluten, but I know it is something ridiculous to ask in Italy, especially north Italy during fall and winter… Nevertheless, my choice was perfect and Jonathan won some extra delightful bites! Lucky one…


For dessert we had this exquisite and also pictorial Choco-Cigarrete (+ actual tobacco smoke) and gelato.


And with our espressos, we received some marzipan ‘stones’.

We had a great time and terrific food.

When making the reservation the staff was really nice, and made an extra effort to have us. The staff at the restaurant was not so careful. And by that I mean: They were great and the service was superb but they were so excited about speaking whatever language that it was impossible for us to speak italian with them (and that’s one of the things we enjoy the most about going to Italy… practising our italian… but maybe it is also what they like the most about their jobs…to speak multiple languages with different people…)

Good thing: If you don’t speak Italian you should go there, they speak very good english, french, spanish and german!

Extra tip: Try to book it earlier, around 20:00 h. to have one of the menus, they look gorgeous but took around 2 hours …

enjoy,dp bye

amsterdam # 1


Oh… Amsterdam!!! What to say about this beautiful city and it’s canals???

A lot, of course, first of all the same old thing we all read or heard at some point : The museums; Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt… The red district, the caffes, the canals… and what about the beautiful flowers, delicious cheese, and ceramic pieces?

Yes, of course I’ll talk about it, but later! Right now I would like to share something delicious and unusual!

A delightful treat tip, and also a great and engaged brand: ‘Tony’s Chocolonely‘.


Cute, right?! And D E L I C I  O U S !

The thing is: When walking around Amsterdam, I kept seeing people with Tony’s bars all around, and after a while I was obsessed… I mean: The label is quite something, and the brand has my dad’s name, so I thought it would be the perfect ‘thought about you’ kind of gift…

So I started chasing for Tony’s! And eventually I found it!

Mission accomplished! And then, surprise:

When I opened my very own bar (of course… it wasn’t only about dad’s bar) I found myself amazed by the interesting information about Tony’s mission, and character… So I decided to share it here on the blog, and I hope you guys to prove Tony’s choco-bar when in the Netherlands. It is more than delicious chocolate:  it is a great cause for us to support!


I’ll come back soon with other tips and stories from Amsterdam,

lots of love,

dp bye

Kao Thom Mad


Have you ever tried Kao Thom Mad? A delightful Thay dessert made of rice, black beans, banana and coconut milk?

Well… I must say: You should give it a try…

It is by far my favorite Thay dessert, and I have to confess: I didn’t even want to try it when I first read the ingredients list… that sounded as Feijoada in a bar…and not at all as sweet treat! But as soon as I smelt it, I just wanted a bite, which was enough: love at first bite!


Something I love about this desert: It is not so sweet but full of flavor and beyond satisfying! Besides the taste, I love the whole presentation and the unpacking process… It is much more like receiving a gift, than having dessert! And I love this aspect of oriental food… the way food is meant to be admired, carefully taken and slowly enjoyed! Something about taste, smell, colors, texture, surprise… it is not only cooking and eating but enjoying! Making it special… making it worthy!

Here you can find the recipe for this sweet delight, or if you live in Basel, you can just go to ‘new asia markt’ and grab a stick!

dp bye

fernsehturm berlin

One of the best date nights we had in Berlin (and also one of the best date nights we ever had…I may say), was having dinner at the  Berliner Fernsehturm as I already said in here.

fernsehturm 13

So… what is so special about this place? Well… the place itself, that’s for sure… and the whole ‘I am having dinner at The Jetsons’ house atmosphere’.

So here is the thing: You are about 200 meters above ground level over a moving floor, so you may see Berlin from north to south, east to west as you have dinner.

Something else about the restaurant: the decoration is totally 70’s…the ceiling is beyond cheesy but amazing because it is dark with small spots of light that looks just as a sky full of stars. Even better: the reflection of the light on the windows that surround the whole floor makes you feel like the skyline outside is also fulfilled with fake stars…so nice!

fernsehturm 11

About the food: wasn’t the best meal we had in Berlin but it was a very fine dinner with a pleasant presentation! I believe it was the dinner we spent the most in Berlin, but it was not an expansive dinner at all…

fernsehturm 10

And I must say: Having a dinner with such a view passing through your eyes, is something one most definitely do!

fernsehturm 08

This image is one of Jonathan’s beautiful shots (as many other you may see, or already have seen on this blog), and also the one bellow, showing my excitement to get to the tower… something like: ‘ Come on Jonathan… Hurry up… I don’t want to be late for the greatest date night ever…’.

fernsehturm 12

I totally recommend having one night dinner at Berlin’s TV tower…and I also recommend you to arrive when the sun is still shining, to watch the sunset before enjoying the night skylight and the whole ceiling/lightening/reflection thing!


dp bye

retalking berlin

ballhauslov (4)

So, as I said in here, I’ll write some lines and share some amazing pictures from Clärchens Ballhaus, the most amazing spot we stepped in when in Berlin.

ballhauslov (2)

Clärchens Ballhaus as the name may sugest… Is a ball house (meaning: the antique ball dancing habit!). I mean, it has been a ball house uninterruptedly ever since 1913 (except for some exceptional periods during first and second world war – of course). Amazing, right?

ballhauslov (7)

The place is absolutely astonishing, a little bit nostalgic… both: beautiful and old, or old in a beautiful way… oh, I am totally in love!

2013-07-24 20.53

By entering the garden you can already see the ballhaus, and on your way into it you pass by some old buildings’ ruins. In one of them I found the image below, which I think it is a good metaphor about how does it feel to be at this spot…

ballhauslov (3)

During the day you can stop by and eat in a delightful garden. Late in the night you can dress your best shoes and go for an unforgettable dance night!!!

ballhaus- (5)

ballhaus- (6)

Unfortunately we only had the opportunity to enjoy the eating… a delightful experience.

ballhauseat (2)

Jonathan had the Tages Menu (plat du jour) salad+pasta+an incredibly well done Panna Cotta (and I have to say it because I reallyyy love panna cota, even though: I can’t eat it unless it’s amazing – SERIOUSLY – if not it’s not… it is not worth eating… so… coming from me it’s one of a hell compliment!).

ballhauseat (1)

I had La Insalata di Rucolla, with RHUBARB JUICE! That I love, and if you don’t know what I am talking about (especially if you are brasilian…because I don’t even know if it is possible to have Rhubarb in Brasil… and I seriously don’t know why…), then you should do your homework, go for some rhubarbs, and make yourself some pies, jelly, syrup, confiture, pure…whatever pleases you!

ballhauseat (3)

I am looking forward to visiting Clärchens Ballhaus once more, next time for a dance night!

Hope you all to have the opportunity as well! That’s for sure something one may not forget!

Lots of love,

dp bye

eating tip

ald.13.05.27 We went to Milano for ‘il salone del mobile’ and a great friend advised us to try a restaurant named Bagutta!

No need to say more : when in Milano, you should really, really, really give Bagutta a try!

The atmosphere is amazing, and ‘la tavola fredda’ (antipasti buffet) is unbelievable.

Jonathan had the ‘pasta Bagutta’ and I had ‘asparagus with eggs’.

We both had a delightful ‘antipasti’ and great Tuscany wine.


When in Milano, you should definitely give it a try!



dp bye