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cookie time

IMG_3969 blog
Today I woke up and I just felt like baking and blogging… and so I did!

I baked delightful chocolate chip cookies, wrote this post and now I feel like satisfied…

IMG_3959 a

The cookies are adapted from Mary McCartney’s EAT : Arty’s chocolate chip cookies:


115 g salted butter

60 g golden caster sugar (I used 40 g)

1 large free-range egg, beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

170g plain or spelt flour (I used: 60 g rice flour + 60 almond flour + 60 g GF oats flour)

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

175 plain dark chocolate, broken up and bashed into little chunks

(Mary says you can use milk chocolate if you prefer… of course I do! So I used 100 g milk chocolate + 50 g cranberries)


Preheat your oven to 190 C.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper baking parchment.

Cream together the butter and the sugar in a large mix bowl. Mix in the egg and the vanilla and beat well. Then mix the rest of the ingredients.

Spoon tablespoonfulls of chocolate dough onto your baking tray, spacing them out well, so they won’t stick together.

Put them in the oven for about 10 min (mine needed about 16 min.) Until they are (de)lightly golden and just firm to touch.

Leave the cookies to cool, preferably on a wire rack. Then eat!

IMG_3959 b

Wish you all a delightful week!

Lots of love,

dp bye


pão de queijo


What do you know about ‘pão de queijo’ the most delicious (and so easy to prepare) brazilian snack?

( pão de quijo : pane al formaggio : cheese bread : käse brötchen )

If you have never been to Brasil, and don’t have a brazilian friend, you are going to love me forever – and ever – for this tip/recipe!

And if you are from Brasil, you will also love me…  because this recipe tastes sooo good, you’ll never dare to buy any baking mixture ever again!

This recipe is not one of my own, but after several tries I can say: This one is the ultimate ‘pão de queijo’s recipe! It is one of Carla Pernambuco’s recipes, and if you don’t know either her,  ‘las chicas‘ and ‘carlota‘ – restaurants of her – or ‘brasil no prato‘ – a tv show hosted by herself – it is time for you to do some homework!

At Carla’s recipe she uses ‘queijo coalho’. I’ll suggest a different mix, but you can actually use whatever hard or semi-hard cheese you prefer.

If you can’t manage to find ‘polvilho’ where you live you can mix 1/3 of cornstarch + 2/3 of potato stark + 1 coffee-spoon of baking soda. You’ll have delightful breads when they are still warm, but then they got a little bit too hard (what doesn’t happen to the polvilho one).


pão de queijo (makes about 24 ):


40 ml. olive oil (Carla uses Corn oil)


50 ml. water

250 g of sour polvilho starch.

1 egg

125 g of hard cheese ( I use: 75 g. of grana padano + 100 g. of aged goat’s cheese) .Grated in a thick grater.


In a pan, put together oil + milk + water and warm it up (don’t bring it to boil ).

Place the polvilho (or your mix) in a large bowl, add the liquids mixture, and then add the egg.

Now add your cheese and let the mixture aside for half an hour (if it’s summer – south Italy or Brasil – bring it to the fridge).

Pre-heat your oven at 190˚, and prepare a tray (about 40 x 30 cm.) with parchment paper.

When your mixture is done make little balls (about 3 x 2 cm.).

Bring it to the oven for about 18 / 20 min.

Tip: I really hate food with a ‘shape’ , so instead of rolling balls I just used a tea-spoon (to collect around the same amount of the mixture) and dropped ‘whatever I caught at my tray!

What else? It is 100% gluten-free!


dp bye

eating tip

ald eat


We went to Milano to celebrate my very happy birthday, and had a delightful and also very interesting dinner at ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘.

The restaurant is really cozy, and the neighbourhood is ‘the place to be’ on a saturday night: at Ripa di Porta Ticinese on the so-called “Naviglio Grande”  (the canal projected by Leonardo da Vinci).

The Chef  Matias Perdomo  is really a master of composition, and the food was always a feast for our eyes.

Al pont de Ferr is also the place for you to go if your thing is Champagne, once ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘ belongs to Maida Mercuri, a well-known sommelier and her Cellar includes more than 500 labels amongst which the best Champagnes.


About our dinner:

To start we received mini-mozzarelas and olives and also Billini’s bonbons (and if you never had Bellini – a Venetian drink – you must have it at Harry’s bar once!)


We were also offered a great selection of home-made breads. I had to try the croissant and must say: I am so happy I did it! It was delicious… a proper competitor for the one I call ‘the one and only Tuefelhof‘s croissant’.


As a starter I had the onion cream, in a thin ‘sugar-cristal-coverture’ upon roasted sesame : SUPER !


Jonathan had the carpaccio with rocket and foie gras : and he LOVED it!


For his primo piatto, Jonathan had a delicious pasta ‘al aglio i olio’.


And as main dish he had a mediterranean fish.


I had potato gnocchi with zucchini, gamberetti (shrimps) and panna!


There weren’t many vegetarian options out of gluten, but I know it is something ridiculous to ask in Italy, especially north Italy during fall and winter… Nevertheless, my choice was perfect and Jonathan won some extra delightful bites! Lucky one…


For dessert we had this exquisite and also pictorial Choco-Cigarrete (+ actual tobacco smoke) and gelato.


And with our espressos, we received some marzipan ‘stones’.

We had a great time and terrific food.

When making the reservation the staff was really nice, and made an extra effort to have us. The staff at the restaurant was not so careful. And by that I mean: They were great and the service was superb but they were so excited about speaking whatever language that it was impossible for us to speak italian with them (and that’s one of the things we enjoy the most about going to Italy… practising our italian… but maybe it is also what they like the most about their jobs…to speak multiple languages with different people…)

Good thing: If you don’t speak Italian you should go there, they speak very good english, french, spanish and german!

Extra tip: Try to book it earlier, around 20:00 h. to have one of the menus, they look gorgeous but took around 2 hours …

enjoy,dp bye

super foods


So what about an easy and fulfilling desert or breakfast? Hummm…Yummy right?

And what about a delightful treat full of energy and nothing else but very good calories?

I am not kidding you, you can have it all in this super easy to prepare recipe.

I first read about ‘chia pudding’ in here and after a few tries I developed my own recipe, which I like better because of the texture, and the citric flavour! You can try both and decide what works best for you!


1/2 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup water

Zest of one lemon

1tea spoon of Stevia

1tea spoon of Agar-Agar (plus needed amount of water)


Mix Chia and water and let it aside. Prepare your Agar-Agar. Mix lemon zest and Stevia.

Put everything together in a pot, mix everything and bring it to the fridge for about 4 hours.

You can serve it with berries, yogurt+honey (delightful combination), fruit jam or just have it plain!


Bon appétit,dp bye

amsterdam # 1


Oh… Amsterdam!!! What to say about this beautiful city and it’s canals???

A lot, of course, first of all the same old thing we all read or heard at some point : The museums; Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt… The red district, the caffes, the canals… and what about the beautiful flowers, delicious cheese, and ceramic pieces?

Yes, of course I’ll talk about it, but later! Right now I would like to share something delicious and unusual!

A delightful treat tip, and also a great and engaged brand: ‘Tony’s Chocolonely‘.


Cute, right?! And D E L I C I  O U S !

The thing is: When walking around Amsterdam, I kept seeing people with Tony’s bars all around, and after a while I was obsessed… I mean: The label is quite something, and the brand has my dad’s name, so I thought it would be the perfect ‘thought about you’ kind of gift…

So I started chasing for Tony’s! And eventually I found it!

Mission accomplished! And then, surprise:

When I opened my very own bar (of course… it wasn’t only about dad’s bar) I found myself amazed by the interesting information about Tony’s mission, and character… So I decided to share it here on the blog, and I hope you guys to prove Tony’s choco-bar when in the Netherlands. It is more than delicious chocolate:  it is a great cause for us to support!


I’ll come back soon with other tips and stories from Amsterdam,

lots of love,

dp bye

Kao Thom Mad


Have you ever tried Kao Thom Mad? A delightful Thay dessert made of rice, black beans, banana and coconut milk?

Well… I must say: You should give it a try…

It is by far my favorite Thay dessert, and I have to confess: I didn’t even want to try it when I first read the ingredients list… that sounded as Feijoada in a bar…and not at all as sweet treat! But as soon as I smelt it, I just wanted a bite, which was enough: love at first bite!


Something I love about this desert: It is not so sweet but full of flavor and beyond satisfying! Besides the taste, I love the whole presentation and the unpacking process… It is much more like receiving a gift, than having dessert! And I love this aspect of oriental food… the way food is meant to be admired, carefully taken and slowly enjoyed! Something about taste, smell, colors, texture, surprise… it is not only cooking and eating but enjoying! Making it special… making it worthy!

Here you can find the recipe for this sweet delight, or if you live in Basel, you can just go to ‘new asia markt’ and grab a stick!

dp bye



We love Fattoush around here. The classical Pitta bread  Sallad… Tomatoes, Cucumber, onions and some good yogurt…hummmm…DELIGHTFUL!

It is not only about Fattoush, we really LOVE Arabian and Lebanese food, and used to have it at least once a week back in São Paulo, but now…things have changed, and I cannot choose anymore between a lot of options… This is not a problem. Not at all! Since I have been experimenting with my own Lebanese dishes recently!

Here I offer you my fattoush salad recipe, and as the images may show, I make it two ways: the regular one with Pita Bread, and a Gluten-free version using corn crackers.


I know I am not proposing a fair change in here, but if you have to avoid gluten and also love fattoush, you might think It may be a quite fair replacement! I tried, and I loved it…


(recipe adapted from here)

2 slices of pita bread + 1 cup of organic GF corn crackers.

Olive oil

A pinch of sea salt and oregano

1/2 cup of Greek yogurt

Juice of  ½ a lemon juice

2 unpeeled chopped tomatoes

1 unpeeled chopped cucumber

1 sliced red onion

1 garlic of clove, finely minced

1/2 cup of chopped parsley

1/2 of  fresh mint


Place the slices of Pita on a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt and  oregano and bring into oven until it’s crispy and golden. When it’s done, crack the slices into smaller pieces.

In a bowl mix together:  yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. Set it aside.

In a large Bowl combine: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, clove, parsley and mint. Mix it; add the yogurt dressing and mix a bit more!

Serve with your pita or corn crackers, and enjoy it!

dp bye

pasta a fiori di zucca


What about an easy, not so light… but delightful, beautiful meal?

veneza (87)

This pasta recipe uses one of Campania’s usual treats , ‘le fiore di zucca’, upon gluten-free corn pasta al ‘triplo burro’(butter+cream+parmeggiano).


In Napoli, you’ll probably have deep-fried flowers, with or without filling. I fill my flowers with ricotta and herbs, and then took into oven… no deep-frying… to make the flowers’ flavor easier to identify!

You can use regular pasta if you want but the corn pasta is a great add to this recipe!


Needed for 2:

6 or 8 courgette flowers

A cup of ricotta

¼ of cup of thyme and parsley

Olive oil

Pinch of sea salt and pepper

400g of corn pasta

1 table-spoon of butter

2 table-spoons of heavy cream

1 handful of grana padano


Carefully wash the flowers and remove the bulbs.

Mix the ricotta, the greens and some olive oil. Add salt and pepper (and a bit of grana padano if you want some melting cheese coming out of your flowers!

Carefully fill the flowers using a small spoon. Make it about ¾ filled, and then make a lap with the petals, so the filling won’t come out.

Place the flowers on a baking sheet and bring it to 175˚ oven for about 15 minutes, or sooner if some filling starts to come off!


In the meanwhile, bring your pasta into boiling water with a little bit of olive oil and salt, and prepare your sauce by  bringing the butter, cream and cheese together in a large skillet until the mixture is uniform.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add into the sauce skillet. You can add some extra cheese or cream if you judge it necessary.

Place the pasta on the dishes and gently lay the flowers upon it.

I usually unlap the petals very gently so you can see the filling!


Tip: You can have your pasta with some greeny gin tonic !

Hope you enjoy it!

dp bye

jus du marché


As I told on this post I still have some days, and a lot of fruits to go before we left to Portugal! I already shared a dessert recipe, so now I would like to share an even easier Smoothie recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I really love smoothies… from the fruity to the greeny ones! This time, I’ve prepared a delightful fruity one…


I really think bananas are smoothies best friends… but I am pretty aware most people tend to avoid it sometimes… if you feel like it, I would recommend you to replace the almond milk for orange or lemon juice, a combination that I also love.

Good thing about my version: tastes great also with regular milk if that’s your choice, and also with some protein powder, a good add especially if you are a vegetarian!


If you had a great breakfast and need to have a quick lunch, or even if you are looking for a fulfilling snack, you  can add a bite of fruit+nuts bar to your smoothie.


Today I had a piece of apple-cinammon ‘raw bite‘ with my smoothie. A delicious organic + sugar, gluten and lactose-free fruit+nuts bar, that I am recently totally in love with!

Enjoy it!

dp bye

dessert du marché

desert 01

Today at the market I found a great selection of fruits and couldn’t help myself from bringing  most of them home!  We are leaving to Porto in a week, so I have already planned numerous fruity salads for the next days and of course many fruity deserts!

desert 01a

After the entire sugar subject, you may think: and now she wants to talk about dessert?

Of course I do! I want to talk about delightful sugar-free desserts and so… I am very pleased to introduce to you:

dessert du marché n.01: Greek yogurt with figs and currant.

desert 01e

And even if you are very into sugar, I bet you may love this delicious and beyond easy to prepare summer desert, or treaty snack!

The great thing about yogurt + fruits is that you are free to combine whatever fruit you want and obtain fresher, lighter, spicier or sweeter combinations! Depending on your fruits you can also add some honey (as I did today) seeds or nuts… It is up to you!!!

For two portions I used 200ml. of a good Greek yogurt (here you can find a great article about Greek yogurt), a handful of currants, one fig and some raw honey.

desert 01c

Hope you all may find a whole bunch of great fruits at your local market , and also enjoy some delightful fresh bites!

cheers,dp bye