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super easy D.I.Y. cup coasters

ald crafts 02This is a super easy DIY project! So I hope you give it a try!

The thing is: My lovely husband has this furtive habit (heheheee…): to bring home carton cup coasters from bars and restaurants.

What is wrong with that? Nothing BUT two little things: 1.: I had this super catholic education, and I really can’t help myself from feeling terribly guilty every time I see the coasters, and 2.: the fact that this carton things stink after some time (and ok : I understand it only happens because they are recyclable stuff… and they are actually meant to be thrown and taken away).

So, what about using some lovely fabric leftovers to cover the carton coasters?

Felt like a great idea that could prolong the coasters short life , minimize the smell problem and also help me hiding  the images that keep remembering me the coasters used to belong somewhere else…


Would it take me a lot of time? No!!!

Would it take me a lot of work? No!!!

And what if I glued the fabric on the coasters, creating a waterproof layer between the stinky carton and the final extra absorbent fabric coverture?! (OK… now I am just kidding you!!!  I just wanted to make things as fast as possible: after all it was a prototype! And fortunately it happened to work just fine!).


This project was so successful that I started gluing fabric to cartons regularly (I mean, what happens with your life when you decide not to have fun…), producing beautiful mouse pads, pan coasters, and also a coaster for our bathroom… I mean: why not?!?


That is it… And I bet you must be looking for some glue and fabric by now, right?!

I Hope you are, and I wish you a good time and some funny results!    dp bye


color up your life

ald.crafts 01

Last year we bought an old bike at the flohmarkt, and I thought: “I can definitely improve it!”… So I made a sketch of the bike, disassembled it, cleaned and removed the old paint, repainted it with a lovely color, which suits me much better (heheee) and at last reassembled everything!

I must tell you: I am pretty talented for the job… but I have to admit: Even though I did my best (and my sketch really helped me with that) I had one screw left after the reassembling process, and I can tell you until today where it may be placed… what I can tell you for sure is that the bicycle is riding just fine, so… I assume it to be a successful project!

You should try coloring things up yourself one of this days! I would love to hear about someone else’s experience!dp bye