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Today, I would like to share a very good reading/cooking book(s) tip with you!

As I told you in here, part of my ‘living alone (+my lovely husband) learning process’ was learning how to cook (even boiling an egg was a big challenge some time ago), so as a  good nerdy girl, I bought some books, of course… and started learning things!

Three of this books are today my ‘bibles’  not only because I use each of them at least once in a week but also because they are books from women who also cook in a marvelous way but who are first of all fantastic photographers and super conscient human beans.

Each one of this books reflects the life of the kind of woman I try to be: a talented professional, who uses her time and make her choices based on life quality and sustainable factors. A ‘super-woman’ (wooowwwww) who’s able to deal with every day tasks and also find time to prepare herself and her family a delightful, fresh and beautiful meal, photo shoot it beautifully, and share it with other talented fellow friends!

I am not here to ‘convert’ any of you guys into my ‘kind of’ cooking religion, but I am here to say: Hello! you don’t have to become a chef or a Mamma to cook good food! And you know what? You don’t have to be unable to even boil an egg just because you are a very talented and busy business woman! I mean: look the pretty ones bellow, take a deep breath and embrace all your super-woman tasks! You can make it…

reading tip

All this conversation makes me think about one of my very role-models: Ray Eames, the most talented artist who was also known for her marvelous dinners.

Great thing about this dinners? I bet the food was excellent… but they were not really about it, they were actually all about composition, colours, forms and smell mixtures.

A funny story about one of this dinners is the one about Ray bringing marvelous flower bouquets for dessert and warning her guests: You are not supposed to eat it! It is a visual delight… Enjoy it! I MUST write a post about it!

talk to you soon, and have a great weekend…

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what am I reading and why 01

I am reading Karen Duve’s book Anständig Essen (something like eating respectfully …). Basically because I love to think and talk about:  what people eat; and how; and when; and why and blablabla… that’s what my husband call:  “being a boring and ‘monosubject ‘ person” … I mean: is he crazy??? Food and eating are the most plural and interesting subjects ever! Don’t you agree with me???

LARGE PARENTHESIS: (ok, ok, let’s say… life is fool of interesting things! BUT:  just thinking we have to eat every day makes the subject a daily issue! And even  if you want to skip the boring part, you would also have to spend at least a few minutes  thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner, unless you are ready for a very boring ‘every day the same’  life!  But then, if you think about all the benefits and consequences food may cause! Don’t you worry about it? I do … so, that’s just me being me after all… ) BACK TO THE BOOK:

I am really at the beginning, but I thought it was worth to start a conversation! So far Karen who happens to host an ‘activist vegetarian’ at her house, is getting to think about the way she eats. I can say for the preface that Karen will go from this point to bio consumer; than vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian until the end of the book, when she will reach her understanding about eating in a respectful way!

This book was named for “der Spiegel” as some parent of ‘eating animals’ which I loved reading.

Eating animals from Jonathan Safran Foher is a book I definitely recommend!

 It is not a vegetarian party book (the author is not a vegetarian).It is actually a closer  look to the way meat is produced nowadays, and also how meat consumption changed  for the last years.

I must say: It is not about what you eat, it is about what is useful and necessary for you to be healthy, in a fair and sustainable way! That is simply how our great grandfathers used to eat, in a simple, reasonable and delightful way!

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