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forever and ever


A month and a week ago I lost my mom. What is practical b***s**** … I mean: One cannot lose such a thing …

Your mother is more than a living person, she is 50% or more from every living cell in your body, the safest and sweetest part of your memories, the best flavors and words in your memory… the feeling of being fully embraced – and you can feel her tight arms whenever you happen to be embraced – every now and then .

And despite the fact that I am not able to call her every evening now, to tell her about my day or ask her about the most stupid things on earth I can still talk to her whenever I want in / trough my heart.

And every time I close my eyes, I can see her by my side, she is for sure the one I’ll first run for comfort and advices, and I am pretty sure I’ll ever find the comfort and the answers I may need.

Today she would be 52, and from here I close my eyes and send her flowers and all my love,



happy new year (post)

I know I might be a little (just a little bit) delayed… nevertheless: I would like to propose a toast : H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

IMG_2387 copyaa

Where the h**** have I been? And what the h**** have I done lately?!?!


I am pretty sure any of you guys should ever ask me such unkind words, but here is the truth: As ending/beginning of year time allows us to be a little (just a little bit) lazy… there is actually the place where I’ve been… and what I’ve done for the last couple of weeks! S O R R Y …

IMG_2824 copy

But you know what? Somewhere in between laziness and Laziland I’ve factually been to Wien …


and Salzburg, where we spent respectively Christmas and New Years Eve.


It was heartbreaking to spent both holidays without our relatives, but I can not deny: we had a beautiful and beyond romantic time together, although (or fortunately) without snow…


I´ll be back as soon as possible with further details and tips about these delightful destinations!

lots of love,dp bye

what makes it a :: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ::


I would like to thank you: my so beloved ones, for turning my birth day into a very   H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !   Y E H ! ! !


For those who were here with me either if by phone, internet, thought, or in person:  Thank you for coming and being ‘around’! Thank you also for each word, and each present! You made me feel surrounded by lots of love the whole day!







017 Thank you guys for loving me so much!

dp bye

pleased to meet you…


My name is Daniela and the picture above may say a looot about me! Anyway, I will do my best to write some extra lines about me and alightdelight:

I was born and raised in São Paulo: Brazil, from a 75% Italian / 25% German background. (It is a very important reference, regarding my very Italian way of life, and my ‘unexpected’ Germanic way of thinking and many times behaving…what may not only sound as, but actually is a big contradiction… OhOhhh!)

I am an architect who loves history, art, jewelry AND construction sites… but most of all I am a very curious person who loves to read!

At the moment I live in Basel Switzerland with my lovely husband! We are a lovely young couple and life is just ahead of us! YEH!!!

For the past few months I have been learning some important tasks from ground zero (seriously!!!) – Such as German (S E R I O U S L Y) ; the art and the “Joy of cooking”; how to ride a bike (without regular accidents); how to sew creative projects with a treadle machine – all and always in a very delightful way!

Sometimes I mess up things pretty bad, but sometimes things work out just fine, in a light and delightful way! That’s why I resolved to start this blog: to share my experiences (the successful ones…most of the time) with those who may be interested in some tips or some laughs!!!

I wish I can be interesting enough… and hopefuly a light and delightful refresh for everyday life, because routine can be fun after all!

dp bye