forever and ever


A month and a week ago I lost my mom. What is practical b***s**** … I mean: One cannot lose such a thing …

Your mother is more than a living person, she is 50% or more from every living cell in your body, the safest and sweetest part of your memories, the best flavors and words in your memory… the feeling of being fully embraced – and you can feel her tight arms whenever you happen to be embraced – every now and then .

And despite the fact that I am not able to call her every evening now, to tell her about my day or ask her about the most stupid things on earth I can still talk to her whenever I want in / trough my heart.

And every time I close my eyes, I can see her by my side, she is for sure the one I’ll first run for comfort and advices, and I am pretty sure I’ll ever find the comfort and the answers I may need.

Today she would be 52, and from here I close my eyes and send her flowers and all my love,



One comment


    Daniela, It is the most meaningful and sweetest thng you wrote about your mom, you made me cry. Even today after having lost my mom many, many years ago I think of her every day, during those special moments when my memory goes back in years when I was small, then a youngster and then an adult. I remember her every day.
    I love you……..

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