happy new year (post)

I know I might be a little (just a little bit) delayed… nevertheless: I would like to propose a toast : H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

IMG_2387 copyaa

Where the h**** have I been? And what the h**** have I done lately?!?!


I am pretty sure any of you guys should ever ask me such unkind words, but here is the truth: As ending/beginning of year time allows us to be a little (just a little bit) lazy… there is actually the place where I’ve been… and what I’ve done for the last couple of weeks! S O R R Y …

IMG_2824 copy

But you know what? Somewhere in between laziness and Laziland I’ve factually been to Wien …


and Salzburg, where we spent respectively Christmas and New Years Eve.


It was heartbreaking to spent both holidays without our relatives, but I can not deny: we had a beautiful and beyond romantic time together, although (or fortunately) without snow…


I´ll be back as soon as possible with further details and tips about these delightful destinations!

lots of love,dp bye


One comment

  1. Virginia Brown Howell Davies

    Loved hearing from you guys and seeing the pictures. I am awaiting further details.

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