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Maybe it is because of the winter : that ‘finally’ arrived… Maybe it is because life is getting busier recently…

Maybe it is because I am getting lazy (and lazier), or maybe it is just a little bit of everything…

The thing is: For the past couple of weeks my cooking was pretty much reduced to blending ! And it is a great thing after all…

Whether if you are busy; lazy or simply in the mood, here is my tip for a delicious and super nutritive ‘anytime smoothie’!

I say anytime, because it is one of my favourite after-yoga smoothies, plus some greens to make it a quick-lunch or dinner!


The ingredients are light and super detoxifying: apple, lime, currants, poppy seeds, spinach , yogurt or almond milk and if you want some protein powder.

The lime is a very special ingredient to this smoothie flavour! I first decided to add it because my protein powder has a resilient vanilla flavour, and it always felt weird to have both: protein + spinach on the same smoothie – just until I first added limes, and loved the combination – !!!

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Anytime Smoothie


In a blender mix well: a handful of raw spinach leaves; one peeled apple (I use 1/2 gala + 1/2 granny); 3 sticks of currants; 1/2 peeled lime (I add part of the peel most times); 1 tea-spoon of poppy-seed; 100 ml of almond milk or greek yogurt (I always prefer those who are made of goat’s milk); and a table-spoon of protein powder.

It’s recently my very favourite smoothie! I hope you to prove it, and of course to enjoy it!

extra tip:

If you are going through a busy week, or if it is a very warm week ( which is – unfortunately – not the case in here right now) you can prepare the fruits and leaves and store the portions on your refrigerator to blend whenever you want… I always avoid to freeze  but sometimes I have to because I am short on time, and I have to admit:  that is no better way for you to have a really ‘super smooth’ smoothie than blending frozen fruits !

Have a great week,

dp bye


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