As I told you a couple of times, I live in Basel – the most charming city in Switzerland… – and it is time for the Herbstmesse (fall fair) around here!


I love this time of the year! Between my birthday (24.10) and Christmas we have Herbst and Weihnacht (Christmas) Fairs, and that means: giant-wells, lots of treats, winter and Christmas market, and of course a real good time!


Today I’ll share some pictures from this …


and last weekend with you guys.


Pictures of Munster’s fair (the fair is spread all over the city trough different spots: Munsterplatz, Barfusserplatz, Messe, Kasern and Peterplatz…


Here you can see from Munsterplatz’s giant-well the lights from the Messe fair, just around the corner of my place (what means: fair everyday : yehhh!)


Unfortunately sunday was Herbstmesse’s last day…

Fortunately Weihnachtsmesse will start anytime soon!

I can’t wait!

Talk to you soon,

lots of love,dp bye


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