a weekend ‘a milano’

concoct milano027

In Milano we stayed at the ‘Concoct‘ , and it was one of our best choices ever!


There are six different apartaments and we stayed at the ‘Huomo 2’. Quite nice, right?!


What is so nice about Concoct is the concept of the hotel: They refurbished an old house in the middle of Milan’s ‘china-town’ (those are my words…) and comissioned six different young italian architects do design each of the rooms as if it was his or her’s own space at Milano.


Each appartement have a particular character. Ours was a very delicate mix between old and new. I loved to see that the old beams and doors were a central point of the project, but also found the new elements: colours and materials – plus objects – quite nice.


The neighbourhood is fantastic! Especially if you are inn-to ‘thay massage’… or not – seriously: I couldn’t miss the joke – .


It was also nice to have a kitchen, so we could have a late breakfast in our room, with a lot of good fruits. I mean: If you have been to Italy, but never bought actual food on a supermarket, then ( I am so sorry to tell you) you have never been to the real ‘eataly’: the fruits are so delightful and juicy… you can not even imagine: you have to taste it!

SO YES : I was happily ever after my fruity ‘collazione’: the best way to start the day and also end this gorgeous ‘happy-birthday’ weekend!

Of course, the day wasn’t over after breakfast: we also went to the Castello Sforzescco , enjoyed a concert ‘a capella’ and then it was shopping time! I mean: shopping time on Sunday !!! Can you believe it?  ( yes, I have been living in Basel for quite a while… so for me it is – ‘unglaublich’ – unbelievable to find open stores in Europe on a sunday).

extra tip: If you happen to be in Milano and have enough time, you should save a whole day to visit the Castello Sforzescco because it is GIGANTIC, and encloses four different museums, plus:  if it is a week day you can also schedule a visit to the library that is already quite impressive from outside!

That’s all! Lots of love,dp bye


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