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We went to Milano to celebrate my very happy birthday, and had a delightful and also very interesting dinner at ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘.

The restaurant is really cozy, and the neighbourhood is ‘the place to be’ on a saturday night: at Ripa di Porta Ticinese on the so-called “Naviglio Grande”  (the canal projected by Leonardo da Vinci).

The Chef  Matias Perdomo  is really a master of composition, and the food was always a feast for our eyes.

Al pont de Ferr is also the place for you to go if your thing is Champagne, once ‘Al Pont de Ferr‘ belongs to Maida Mercuri, a well-known sommelier and her Cellar includes more than 500 labels amongst which the best Champagnes.


About our dinner:

To start we received mini-mozzarelas and olives and also Billini’s bonbons (and if you never had Bellini – a Venetian drink – you must have it at Harry’s bar once!)


We were also offered a great selection of home-made breads. I had to try the croissant and must say: I am so happy I did it! It was delicious… a proper competitor for the one I call ‘the one and only Tuefelhof‘s croissant’.


As a starter I had the onion cream, in a thin ‘sugar-cristal-coverture’ upon roasted sesame : SUPER !


Jonathan had the carpaccio with rocket and foie gras : and he LOVED it!


For his primo piatto, Jonathan had a delicious pasta ‘al aglio i olio’.


And as main dish he had a mediterranean fish.


I had potato gnocchi with zucchini, gamberetti (shrimps) and panna!


There weren’t many vegetarian options out of gluten, but I know it is something ridiculous to ask in Italy, especially north Italy during fall and winter… Nevertheless, my choice was perfect and Jonathan won some extra delightful bites! Lucky one…


For dessert we had this exquisite and also pictorial Choco-Cigarrete (+ actual tobacco smoke) and gelato.


And with our espressos, we received some marzipan ‘stones’.

We had a great time and terrific food.

When making the reservation the staff was really nice, and made an extra effort to have us. The staff at the restaurant was not so careful. And by that I mean: They were great and the service was superb but they were so excited about speaking whatever language that it was impossible for us to speak italian with them (and that’s one of the things we enjoy the most about going to Italy… practising our italian… but maybe it is also what they like the most about their jobs…to speak multiple languages with different people…)

Good thing: If you don’t speak Italian you should go there, they speak very good english, french, spanish and german!

Extra tip: Try to book it earlier, around 20:00 h. to have one of the menus, they look gorgeous but took around 2 hours …

enjoy,dp bye


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