amsterdam # 3


Hello my dear ones! To start this week I bring to you not the last… but the last post of this sequence about Amsterdam … tadadada:

(I still have a post about Silodam and some architectural tips coming up soon… )


Well, walking around Amsterdam really is a nice thing, but I could never actually appreciate it before, once the last couple of times I’ve been to Amsterdam I was really short on time, and the weather was terrible…


But this last time, everything was different: Much more than enough time:  I had an amazing whether to count on, and of course I spent a large amount of my free time just hanging around in between canals, corners and local shops.


I especially liked two neighborhoods: Jordaan (up and down pictures +related ones): an old neighbourhood on north-east Amsterdam , where there are a lot of old beautiful houses, and also great shops, cafés and bars. especially those around the Brouwersgracht (brewers canal). On this neighborhood you may find also The Noorderkerk (north church); The West Indisch Huis ( The Dutch West India Company); Anne Frank’s Hause; The Westkerk (west church); and the most amazing Ijs Fabriken (gelateria) ever: Monte Pelmo.


At Monte Pelmo I had the best Sesam Ice cream ever, you should R E A L L Y  give it a try when in Amsterdam.


Look! There you can see it , underneath a mouth-watering raspberry Ice cream layer… sooo delicious!


Well, of course I have also been to the flower market and the red light district, but I really enjoyed myself better when walking trough the ‘off the circuit’ streets. (I mean: actually they are not out off the circuit at all! There you can find a lot of people, most of them citizens from Amsterdam hanging out (of course some visitors as well… ) and you don’t have to deal with ‘human traffic’ on the streets (except for the always gigantic line in front of Anne Frank’s house…).


The first two images on this post are from the other neighbourhood I really enjoyed: The area around Funnenpark, especially the Blankenstraat. Really near to Lloyd Hotel, where we had the pleasure to stay during this trip (click in here if you haven’t read my post about Lloyd Hotel and cultural embassy yet!)

I wish you all a very good week,dp bye


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