amsterdam # 1


Oh… Amsterdam!!! What to say about this beautiful city and it’s canals???

A lot, of course, first of all the same old thing we all read or heard at some point : The museums; Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt… The red district, the caffes, the canals… and what about the beautiful flowers, delicious cheese, and ceramic pieces?

Yes, of course I’ll talk about it, but later! Right now I would like to share something delicious and unusual!

A delightful treat tip, and also a great and engaged brand: ‘Tony’s Chocolonely‘.


Cute, right?! And D E L I C I  O U S !

The thing is: When walking around Amsterdam, I kept seeing people with Tony’s bars all around, and after a while I was obsessed… I mean: The label is quite something, and the brand has my dad’s name, so I thought it would be the perfect ‘thought about you’ kind of gift…

So I started chasing for Tony’s! And eventually I found it!

Mission accomplished! And then, surprise:

When I opened my very own bar (of course… it wasn’t only about dad’s bar) I found myself amazed by the interesting information about Tony’s mission, and character… So I decided to share it here on the blog, and I hope you guys to prove Tony’s choco-bar when in the Netherlands. It is more than delicious chocolate:  it is a great cause for us to support!


I’ll come back soon with other tips and stories from Amsterdam,

lots of love,

dp bye



    • danipochetto

      ooops! My bad!!!
      The thing is: They are 100% devoted to create an 100% slavory-free choco-bar.
      All because in 2003 Teun Van de Keuken, a Dutch journalist, made the alarming discovery that at least 20% of all cocoa farm owners in the Ivory Coast (supplier of much of the world’s cocoa) practiced slave-labor.
      So that’s it… afterall…

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