( 10 / 10 )

pwrsof10 - 01

Ok guys… I must bring a ‘parenthesis’ in here today! I really do…

The thing is: I promised to write about Brazil and Amsterdam, and I also promised a post about Ray Eames, and that’s the moment when I got lost!!!

Not in a bad way… not at all!!! Actually the thing is: I could not resist to write this ‘parenthesis post’  today: 10/10! I mean (and I really mean it):  I don’t believe in a lot of things, but come on!!!  It must be a sign… and it says: write it girl!!!

Nevertheless… I am pretty sure you are all going to forgive me – and maybe even thank me after a while – for this negligent act! (Yes…the drama is back!!!)

So: What is this so-called ‘parenthesis post’ all about? It is about ‘Powers of ten’– a documentary by Charles and Ray Eames

(of course)!

pwrsof10 - 02

It is awesome! Especially if you try to put yourself in their position… back in 1968 , I mean… If you are younger than me… you may not know but at this point, Neil Armstrong hadn’t even stepped on the moon yet!!! Really…There was a world like that not so long ago…

pwrsof10 - 03

Of course I had to add some images from ‘Powers of ten’  pic-nic set composition into my ‘under-construction’ post about Ray, and I could not help myself from bringing this delightful video-tip for those who might be interested!

Especially if you are one who likes fine composition, interesting subjects, and of course my delightful tips!

Thanks for reading me!dp bye

credits: this image is an interpretation of mine from this great poster by DennySchmickle.com


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