I’ve been hiding something from you… Before going to Brasil and the Netherlands. Even before: before going to Oporto, I’ve spent a couple of weeks going around Switzerland (ok…it doesn’t count!) and Germany with Jonathan,  his brother and father!

And now that we have no more secrets! – Wowwww, I am so relieved !!! – I must tell you about this trip before any other (except for the ones I’ve already posted about – sorry for the mess!) Ok, let’s do it!

So: what about Frankfurt? – You may ask.

The thing is: I am not an expert, since I have been there only for a couple of days, but I really liked the atmosphere.

Frankfurt is a clear example of a city who was destroyed an then rebuilt, as so many cities in Germany. The new buildings are quite impressive, but they are not so far from the old city, and the mix – I must say – is really interesting, because of the size of the city.

So you don’t have different parts of the city, you have mixed neighbourhoods, kind of connected in a very fluid way.

Actually I can not say it by walking trough the whole city, but we saw it from above and that’s how it looked like. And of course: the much we walked (and we walked a lot) also felt like it!


So here you can see Jonathan foto-shooting (isn’t he lovely?!) and right bellow you can see part of the view he was capturing.


Here you can see the central station, and a little bit further the end of the city.


Here you can see my fellow companions and right below the other side, the older part of the city, where you may find Frankfurt’s Cathedral and paulskirche an old church who was and is very important to Frankfurt cultural and political life.



The glass windows from paulkirche are just marvelous!


As I said before… we walked a lot…


The lockers at the grids are quite common in Germany. I first saw it in Cologne and found it all over ever since! They are ment to bring luck and an everlasting love!



Here you can see Frankfurt’s – Saint Bartholomew – Cathedral.


And here is a funny shoot from the flea market!



Other thing I really loved about Frankfurt (ok – it was the weekend… but even though) the life in the city.  During the weekends a lot of squares are converted into big playgrounds! I just loved the idea!


An old classic.


And a picture from the old city.


Where we had the most delicious traditional dish ever!!! This local cheese baked and covered with sliced onions.

Cheesy?! Yes, of course, and I loved every bite!


We also walked trough the city market and had some delicious and fresh frozen yogurt with wild berries compote …hummmmm.


I hope this few words and tips about Frankfurt may be helpful for those planning a trip to the city!

talk to you soon,

dp bye


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