Kao Thom Mad


Have you ever tried Kao Thom Mad? A delightful Thay dessert made of rice, black beans, banana and coconut milk?

Well… I must say: You should give it a try…

It is by far my favorite Thay dessert, and I have to confess: I didn’t even want to try it when I first read the ingredients list… that sounded as Feijoada in a bar…and not at all as sweet treat! But as soon as I smelt it, I just wanted a bite, which was enough: love at first bite!


Something I love about this desert: It is not so sweet but full of flavor and beyond satisfying! Besides the taste, I love the whole presentation and the unpacking process… It is much more like receiving a gift, than having dessert! And I love this aspect of oriental food… the way food is meant to be admired, carefully taken and slowly enjoyed! Something about taste, smell, colors, texture, surprise… it is not only cooking and eating but enjoying! Making it special… making it worthy!

Here you can find the recipe for this sweet delight, or if you live in Basel, you can just go to ‘new asia markt’ and grab a stick!

dp bye


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