D.I.Y. reading tip

If you also like to try some DIY projects sometimes, here is my reading tip for you:


CUT is a magazine from Munich, and I cannot say if you will find it somewhere else! I know you may found it in Switzerland and Austria, but I am not sure about any other location… Even though it is a super tip… and I have to share it ( even if with only a few of you guys!).

Actually, that’s bull s***  because you can check the website! (I think I might be the only one around here buying magazines…jehhh)

The name of the magazine: ‘CUT – Leute machen Kleider’ means: ‘CUT – people making clothes’! And besides great ideas (not only about clothing) the magazine also brings great articles and three different cutting molds within every new edition!

Hope you all enjoy it!


dp bye


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