We love Fattoush around here. The classical Pitta bread  Sallad… Tomatoes, Cucumber, onions and some good yogurt…hummmm…DELIGHTFUL!

It is not only about Fattoush, we really LOVE Arabian and Lebanese food, and used to have it at least once a week back in São Paulo, but now…things have changed, and I cannot choose anymore between a lot of options… This is not a problem. Not at all! Since I have been experimenting with my own Lebanese dishes recently!

Here I offer you my fattoush salad recipe, and as the images may show, I make it two ways: the regular one with Pita Bread, and a Gluten-free version using corn crackers.


I know I am not proposing a fair change in here, but if you have to avoid gluten and also love fattoush, you might think It may be a quite fair replacement! I tried, and I loved it…


(recipe adapted from here)

2 slices of pita bread + 1 cup of organic GF corn crackers.

Olive oil

A pinch of sea salt and oregano

1/2 cup of Greek yogurt

Juice of  ½ a lemon juice

2 unpeeled chopped tomatoes

1 unpeeled chopped cucumber

1 sliced red onion

1 garlic of clove, finely minced

1/2 cup of chopped parsley

1/2 of  fresh mint


Place the slices of Pita on a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt and  oregano and bring into oven until it’s crispy and golden. When it’s done, crack the slices into smaller pieces.

In a bowl mix together:  yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. Set it aside.

In a large Bowl combine: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, clove, parsley and mint. Mix it; add the yogurt dressing and mix a bit more!

Serve with your pita or corn crackers, and enjoy it!

dp bye


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