Movie Tip

jiro dreams of sushi s

I have a very good tip for you today… Have you seen ‘Jiro dreams of sushi’?

It is a 2011 documentary film about Jiro Ono an 85-year-old sushi master, and one of the few chefs whose restaurant is a three-star’s Michelin.

Jiro is a hard worker, who is still trying to improve his technique in order to make the ‘perfect sushi’.

The passion of Jiro makes the whole movie goes on. From his discipline, to his delicate perception about colors, tastes and textures, Jiro is always trying to do something new, something unexpected…It is not only about the food: It is about passion and perfectionism.

I think it is a beautiful movie about doing what you like with all the passion you may have. Even more if you dare!

Watching  Jiro is at least inspiring!

If you already saw it, I would be delighted to hear your opinion about this inspiring movie. If not, give it a try…  and then let me know!


dp bye


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