pasta a fiori di zucca


What about an easy, not so light… but delightful, beautiful meal?

veneza (87)

This pasta recipe uses one of Campania’s usual treats , ‘le fiore di zucca’, upon gluten-free corn pasta al ‘triplo burro’(butter+cream+parmeggiano).


In Napoli, you’ll probably have deep-fried flowers, with or without filling. I fill my flowers with ricotta and herbs, and then took into oven… no deep-frying… to make the flowers’ flavor easier to identify!

You can use regular pasta if you want but the corn pasta is a great add to this recipe!


Needed for 2:

6 or 8 courgette flowers

A cup of ricotta

¼ of cup of thyme and parsley

Olive oil

Pinch of sea salt and pepper

400g of corn pasta

1 table-spoon of butter

2 table-spoons of heavy cream

1 handful of grana padano


Carefully wash the flowers and remove the bulbs.

Mix the ricotta, the greens and some olive oil. Add salt and pepper (and a bit of grana padano if you want some melting cheese coming out of your flowers!

Carefully fill the flowers using a small spoon. Make it about ¾ filled, and then make a lap with the petals, so the filling won’t come out.

Place the flowers on a baking sheet and bring it to 175˚ oven for about 15 minutes, or sooner if some filling starts to come off!


In the meanwhile, bring your pasta into boiling water with a little bit of olive oil and salt, and prepare your sauce by  bringing the butter, cream and cheese together in a large skillet until the mixture is uniform.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and add into the sauce skillet. You can add some extra cheese or cream if you judge it necessary.

Place the pasta on the dishes and gently lay the flowers upon it.

I usually unlap the petals very gently so you can see the filling!


Tip: You can have your pasta with some greeny gin tonic !

Hope you enjoy it!

dp bye


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