jus du marché


As I told on this post I still have some days, and a lot of fruits to go before we left to Portugal! I already shared a dessert recipe, so now I would like to share an even easier Smoothie recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I really love smoothies… from the fruity to the greeny ones! This time, I’ve prepared a delightful fruity one…


I really think bananas are smoothies best friends… but I am pretty aware most people tend to avoid it sometimes… if you feel like it, I would recommend you to replace the almond milk for orange or lemon juice, a combination that I also love.

Good thing about my version: tastes great also with regular milk if that’s your choice, and also with some protein powder, a good add especially if you are a vegetarian!


If you had a great breakfast and need to have a quick lunch, or even if you are looking for a fulfilling snack, you  can add a bite of fruit+nuts bar to your smoothie.


Today I had a piece of apple-cinammon ‘raw bite‘ with my smoothie. A delicious organic + sugar, gluten and lactose-free fruit+nuts bar, that I am recently totally in love with!

Enjoy it!

dp bye


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