dessert du marché

desert 01

Today at the market I found a great selection of fruits and couldn’t help myself from bringing  most of them home!  We are leaving to Porto in a week, so I have already planned numerous fruity salads for the next days and of course many fruity deserts!

desert 01a

After the entire sugar subject, you may think: and now she wants to talk about dessert?

Of course I do! I want to talk about delightful sugar-free desserts and so… I am very pleased to introduce to you:

dessert du marché n.01: Greek yogurt with figs and currant.

desert 01e

And even if you are very into sugar, I bet you may love this delicious and beyond easy to prepare summer desert, or treaty snack!

The great thing about yogurt + fruits is that you are free to combine whatever fruit you want and obtain fresher, lighter, spicier or sweeter combinations! Depending on your fruits you can also add some honey (as I did today) seeds or nuts… It is up to you!!!

For two portions I used 200ml. of a good Greek yogurt (here you can find a great article about Greek yogurt), a handful of currants, one fig and some raw honey.

desert 01c

Hope you all may find a whole bunch of great fruits at your local market , and also enjoy some delightful fresh bites!

cheers,dp bye


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