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Today I would like to talk about eating (and not eating) sugar!

Recently I have been reading a lot about it, and of course I have been thinking about quitting sugar for a while… Actually I already decided to, but I am always finding my way back to sugar somehow.

The thing is: I understand I don’t have to renounce natural sugar from fruits and vegetables, and I don’t even plan to do such a thing…

eat granola 03

But I am really concerned about the huge amount of sugar we consume every day without even knowing.

First of all, I have to clarify some bitter facts about sweetness: It is addictive, and can be dangerous because most sweeteners available offer some kind of danger to our bodies. From high fructose sweeteners to the artificial ones. (I highly recommend Dr.Lustig’s lecture about sugar to clarify some points about fructose consumption)

So, what’s the big deal about eating sugar? I mean: mankind has been eating sugar for so long and now it is going to kill me???

Well… things are not as simple as they may sound, or taste! For the last couple of centuries we increased our sugar consumption from less than 2 kilos a year up to almost 35 kilos. We are addicted to sugar, an ingredient that brings us nothing but empty calories  (and of course sweetness).

Other important fact: Somewhere back in the seventies regarding the increasing number of heart and blood pressure diseases doctors and society in general made a huge effort to reduce fat consumption. Actually nowadays we consume around 20% less fats than we did before, but you know what?: Obesity increased brutally, especially and most alarming between kids and babies! So did sugar (especially fructose) consumption.

Ok… but why am I here fighting against sugar? I mean: ME (especially if you know me…)? Well, I am not writing this post because I am a sugar-free missionary ,and I really don’t want people to quit on sugar…  I am just trying to change my habits into something I believe is better for my health, and I think it is worth sharing the information with those who might be interested!

For the past couple of years we consumed in our house around three kilos of brown sugar, and I wasn’t even trying to quit on sweetness! After I decided to really cut sugar off, I was surprised to find out how much added sugar we were consuming (and we don’t ever consume canned items + we rarely consume packed stuff, but even though…). Recently I cutted off mostly every flavored yogurt, some cheeses and some gluten-free flours (all this packed stuff contains lots of fructose, especially the light options, as scary as it may sound!).

Still we have sweetness going on around here…

I still crave for my fruit bite after lunch, my apple+sugar-free granola bar for breakfast, and a bite of chocolate some nights… And even knowing I might never say no for a good gelato… I still hope I may decrease my sugar consumption to almost zero during the following years!

In the mean time I’ll share my sugar-free morning treat recipe with you:

eat granola 01


1.: 1table spoon of chia seeds / 2 table spoons of fresh Flax meal .

2.: ½ cup of buckwheat goats / 1 cup of GF oatmeal / 1 coffee spoon of sea salt.

3.: 1 mashed banana (a small one) / 2 table spoons of unsweetened apple pure / 1table spoon of raw honey / 1 vanilla bean seeds.

4.: 50 g of coconut bites or dried cranberries / ½ cup of nuts (my preferred are pecans and almonds).


Bring number 1 into a cup with  6 table spoons of water and let it aside for about half an hour. It may look pretty much like glue after a while and the water must be completely absorbed after 30 min.

Bring number 2 to 175˚C oven in a foiled baking trail for about five minutes, and then let it cool outside as you wait for flax+chia gel to be ready!

Bring number 3 to low/medium fire until you obtain a uniform mixture.

When your flax+chia gel is ready, bring all ingredients together, and place the mixture on a foiled baking trail (about 24cm. x 15cm.). Took it into 175˚C pre-heated oven for about 30 min, or until the top is golden!

I usually melt around a coffee spoon of honey in 50 ml. of water and sprinkle it over the mixture before putting it into the oven for extra golden bars!!!

When it is ready, bring it to a stone surface, and let it cool for other 30 min, then cut it into pieces you decide to be your ideal bar! Mine is about 1 X 2 inches!

eat granola 02

About quitting sugar: I highly recommend this month’s national geographic issue , this blog , this post from glutenfreegirl (one of the blogs I follow and highly recommend), and at last this video .

dp bye


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