House specialties (2)

I am here to share one of our deerful house salads (Celery+Parmesan) recipe:

insalata sellery

It is a very fresh Salad, that goes well with pretty much whatever main dish you decide to combine it.

Some times we have it as a main dish with rich starters as nuts and cheese.

insalata sellery 02

We also love it with our croque and triplo burro corn pasta!

croque 02

The method is simple as that: put together in a bowl with topping about 500 g. of celery, 100 g. of Parmesan or Grana Padano, and 2 table spoons of olive oil. Cover up the bowl and shake it like you mean it!!!

insalata sellery 01

Garnish with some sea salt + black pepper and voilà…

A light delightful summer (or all year-long) salad! My favourite one…

Hope you enjoy it,

lots of love,dp bye


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