have you seen sugar man?

ald art movHave you seen the Oscar-winning documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’? You totally have to!

Searching for Sugar Man’ is by far the most unbelievable story I’ve heard of recently! Seriously, if it was not a documentary, It would have been the best screenplay award winner this year, and I am not kidding you… not at all!

Just to start a conversation here: Have you ever heard of Sixto Rodriguez? Do you even know if he is an author, a chef, an architect or a rock star?

Do you know Sixto Rodriguez is a singer and a composer who sold more records in South Africa than Elvis, and even the Beatles?

Don’t you feel at least a little bit curious about Sixto right now? Well, you are not the only one. Even Sixto’s fans didn’t have a clue either if the guy was dead or alive during decades!

The documentary as the name may suggest is pretty much about it : a search for South Africa’s  greatest singer, if not Freedom ‘guru’ trough apartheid regime. For every one who is not a south african, the movie is a search for this enigmatic figure we passed by somehow…

I have to stop right now, because I am terrible with this kind of games, and I am going to tell you the whole story in about a minute! So here is my tip (click here to check the trailer) !  And I would love to know your opinion about it!

Extra tip: If you like the subject, or if you enjoy stories like Sixto’s you should watch to ‘Beware of Mr Baker‘, another unbelievable and CRAZY story. This one is about Ginger Baker: one of the greatest Drummers ever (sais who? Not me of course, but pretty much all the greatest drummers around). Hope you enjoy it as well!


dp bye


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