espresso freddo

I remember reading in a post from David Lebovitz , that when it comes to Italian cuisine there is no difficult recipe (really good tip), so you have to be aware and if it even sounds uneasy, then you will know it is not a genuine Italian recipe (especially if we are talking about south Italian recipes in here…).

That is one of this super easy recipes that you can find in every Neapolitan corner: Espresso (or french press) freddo.

eat expresso freddo

Great thing about it: it takes almost zero effort and makes your summer beyond delightful.

So: what’s so special about it??? I mean: Do you LOVE coffee? Really? How much? Because if you love it as much as I do you must also suffer when it is 40 degrees outside and all you want is a good espresso shot! And let’s make it clear: I really do not accept the frappe excuse… come on!!! Espresso takes nothing but coffee+water (except for a lot of pressure), that’s it: no sugar, no milk, no cream (of course, we have all the variations, but they have different names and specificities – be aware: they are not espresso, not at all).

Oh boy… I am pretty serious about this stuff! Seriously: you may have whatever coffee pleases you best… I am just trying to make you understand: you are not supposed to add milk, cream or whatever into this recipe, and if you do… don’t expect me to try it out when you tell me about it…

Ops… maybe by now only the real coffee lovers are still reading this post… Guys: This recipe is specially for you!

For one espresso freddo, all you need is one espresso shot (or a cup of french pressed coffee), one glass of ice and a blender.

Method: Mix it all for about one minute, than all you have to do is to serve and enjoy it…

I think you should really give it a try!



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