d.i.y. modular shelves

diy wine shelf 000

Hey guys!!! I am here to share a super easy d.i.y. project with you: It is a beautiful shelf made of wine boxes.

diy wine shelf 01

Where did this idea came from? Well actually we drink a lot of wine around here, and it was a problem to find out what to do with the boxes soo… I am just kidding you! Actually we have this tiny little door in our living room who leads into this weird deposit room… ever since day one we were thinking over many different ways to magically make it disappear!

So, we live near a wine store and after a polite request of mine we could have the boxes for free: it was just a matter of patience to wait for the right boxes to come up… In the mean time we were studying many possible modulations for the shelves… until we decided for the composition you may see in this pictures!

diy wine shelf 02

I love the result! And I also love to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Bisous,   dp bye


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