fernsehturm berlin

One of the best date nights we had in Berlin (and also one of the best date nights we ever had…I may say), was having dinner at the  Berliner Fernsehturm as I already said in here.

fernsehturm 13

So… what is so special about this place? Well… the place itself, that’s for sure… and the whole ‘I am having dinner at The Jetsons’ house atmosphere’.

So here is the thing: You are about 200 meters above ground level over a moving floor, so you may see Berlin from north to south, east to west as you have dinner.

Something else about the restaurant: the decoration is totally 70’s…the ceiling is beyond cheesy but amazing because it is dark with small spots of light that looks just as a sky full of stars. Even better: the reflection of the light on the windows that surround the whole floor makes you feel like the skyline outside is also fulfilled with fake stars…so nice!

fernsehturm 11

About the food: wasn’t the best meal we had in Berlin but it was a very fine dinner with a pleasant presentation! I believe it was the dinner we spent the most in Berlin, but it was not an expansive dinner at all…

fernsehturm 10

And I must say: Having a dinner with such a view passing through your eyes, is something one most definitely do!

fernsehturm 08

This image is one of Jonathan’s beautiful shots (as many other you may see, or already have seen on this blog), and also the one bellow, showing my excitement to get to the tower… something like: ‘ Come on Jonathan… Hurry up… I don’t want to be late for the greatest date night ever…’.

fernsehturm 12

I totally recommend having one night dinner at Berlin’s TV tower…and I also recommend you to arrive when the sun is still shining, to watch the sunset before enjoying the night skylight and the whole ceiling/lightening/reflection thing!


dp bye


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