and he sings …

Have I told you I have a crush on Kevin Spacey?!?! 03 spacey 01

Yes, I totally dooo! Because of his voice, the look in his eyes… his kindda ball head… but especially because he sings!!!

I already told you guys about Forever Cool where Kevin pairs up with Dean Martin in ‘Ain’t that a kick in the head’ and ‘king of the road’. What I’ve never told you (maybe because I didn’t know it so far…), is that on 2005 Kevin was in a movie about Bobby Darin, called ‘Beyond the see’, and boy… he singed up loud! 03 spacey 02

About the movie: I can’t say a thing until I got to watch it… but I saw Kevin performing in here and I loved it!

Why doesn’t someone make a movie about Dean Martin? Maybe also with Mr. Spacey at the main role???

I mean: the man rocks… Come on!

Funny thing and extra tip: 03 stones

Searching the internet for further information about ‘beyond the sea’, I happened to find this review from Mr.Clinton (yes, former Mr.President!), about his good fellow new movie! I mean… I am not into politics here (especially because I am a pretty Gore girl, and also because I may have my opinions but I am not even a north-american…so it is not up to me to start this kind of conversation…), but this review made me remember of Clinton’s appearance at Scorsese’s ‘shine a light’ that is a must see! The guy is so POP!!! He remembers me of old Mr.Kennedy dating his fellow ‘rat pack’ friends… I mean… he is COOL!

Hope you all may check and appreciate my delightful tips!


dp bye



  1. Nathalie

    ha, it’s funny, because I thought that Jonathan looks a bit like Kevin Spacey. 😉

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