retalking berlin

ballhauslov (4)

So, as I said in here, I’ll write some lines and share some amazing pictures from Clärchens Ballhaus, the most amazing spot we stepped in when in Berlin.

ballhauslov (2)

Clärchens Ballhaus as the name may sugest… Is a ball house (meaning: the antique ball dancing habit!). I mean, it has been a ball house uninterruptedly ever since 1913 (except for some exceptional periods during first and second world war – of course). Amazing, right?

ballhauslov (7)

The place is absolutely astonishing, a little bit nostalgic… both: beautiful and old, or old in a beautiful way… oh, I am totally in love!

2013-07-24 20.53

By entering the garden you can already see the ballhaus, and on your way into it you pass by some old buildings’ ruins. In one of them I found the image below, which I think it is a good metaphor about how does it feel to be at this spot…

ballhauslov (3)

During the day you can stop by and eat in a delightful garden. Late in the night you can dress your best shoes and go for an unforgettable dance night!!!

ballhaus- (5)

ballhaus- (6)

Unfortunately we only had the opportunity to enjoy the eating… a delightful experience.

ballhauseat (2)

Jonathan had the Tages Menu (plat du jour) salad+pasta+an incredibly well done Panna Cotta (and I have to say it because I reallyyy love panna cota, even though: I can’t eat it unless it’s amazing – SERIOUSLY – if not it’s not… it is not worth eating… so… coming from me it’s one of a hell compliment!).

ballhauseat (1)

I had La Insalata di Rucolla, with RHUBARB JUICE! That I love, and if you don’t know what I am talking about (especially if you are brasilian…because I don’t even know if it is possible to have Rhubarb in Brasil… and I seriously don’t know why…), then you should do your homework, go for some rhubarbs, and make yourself some pies, jelly, syrup, confiture, pure…whatever pleases you!

ballhauseat (3)

I am looking forward to visiting Clärchens Ballhaus once more, next time for a dance night!

Hope you all to have the opportunity as well! That’s for sure something one may not forget!

Lots of love,

dp bye


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