berlin revisited


We spent the last 10 days in Berlin, and I can tell you something: I may not have a music for my life, or  my relationship and blablabla… but I definitely have a music for this trip! heheheee… Anyway: I was in Berlin for the first time about three years ago: BUT during winter time, and I LOVED the city, but ever since then one of the things I’ve heard the most was: “You loved Berlin during the winter? So, you just think you loved it!!! You must go back during the summer, then you’ll really LOVE Berlin!”.

2013-07-24 21a

So I finally gave myself a second try, and boy: I  L-O-V-E-D  IT! That will take more than one post to describe this trip, because that are so many things and places I really want to discuss about, but right now I’ll post some images and write a few lines about revisiting Berlin, just to bring some excitement in here!!!

So, as you may see on the following pictures, one of the good things about revisiting a city, is the fact that you can spend some extra time exploring the city itself, and going to some hidden spots you just missed the first time. Just like the pretty one bellow:


Also a good thing: you can choose to go back to the only landmarks you decide to, as you’ve seen all the hot spots the last time. And seriously, one of the best things about vocation, is to walk around with no schedule to attend to… being able to stop by at every interesting corner or café! And I must say… we did it a lot!


What we could not avoid to revisit was PERGAMON (picture bellow) and NEUES MUSEUMS (I’ll write about them on a further post!).


Something we did “just for fun” : We had dinner at the TV tower (Berliner Fernsehturm), and it was unbelievably NICE! Really, we didn’t have a clue that the restaurant lays above a moving floor, and we could have the best panorama EVER during our dinner!

Ohhh!!! Did I mention we saw Johny Depp?!?! YES WE DID!!! And it was the funniest thing ever, because we decided to have dinner at this restaurant in Sonny center, that we remembered from our last trip and as we ordered, a big commotion started downstairs, when the waitress said: “You know, that Depp guy is coming by”… Depp guy?!? CRAZY!!! And have I told that he saw me and waved?!?! hahaaaa… of course not… but come on… I was like 20 meters away from the guy, and I think it was the closest I’ll ever be… so I have to share it with you… Because I am afraid I’ll never have the chance again… even though we never know…


OK… back to reality…

As I said, the best thing was to walk around, and find new and super interesting places, as Clarchens Ballhaus , that was the most amazing spot ! We have some great inside images (the real thing about the place for sure), which I’ll post later!

2013-07-24 20.53

Funny thing was: We had our last Berliner lunch there totally by chance , and a few meters further after we left Clarchens Ballhaus, we found this book in a bookshop we sopped by!

2013-07-24 21.43

We were really luck to found this place! And we’ll definitely come back, but the next time to dance!!! SUPER!

Also walking around Mitte (where we were staying) we found and refound great design shops, and in one of them Jonathan bought me the THE CUTEST ring ever!!!

2013-07-21 16.05a

Yes!!! It is the border of a 10C euro coin! Tell me: How cool is that?!?

We also went to BAUHAUS DESSAU, because it is a day-trip and we didn’t have the time to do this during our first trip… It was great to visit BAUHAUS, but DESSAU I have to tell you, is so far away… and the exposition at BAUHAUS BERLINER ARCHIVES is way much better, but visiting BAUHAUS’ buildings was worth the trip! I’ll post about it later too!

Talking about day-trips from Berlin, we also went to Potsdam, where we had one of the best meals of ou trip! There we also visited the Sanssouci Palace (Schloss Sanssouci). NICE!


We had a great time, discovered and rediscovered wonderful places, took a lot of shots of each other and each others food! And of course… thousands of shots of Berlin!


Boy, we had a lot of fun! And yes I must say: If you never went to Berlin during the summer, so you’ve never really BEEN to Berlin, but I must also say, If you have visited the city during the winter: You must have certainly visited a delightful city!


I LOVE Berlin, now even more than before, and I bet Johnny loves it too! (Jonathan does … that’s for sure!)

That’s it … so far… lots of love,

dp bye



  1. Bel Herbetta

    Dani!!! I’m totally in love WITH YOUR BLOG!! It’s so good, seriously!! The writing, the pictures, the topics… Keep up the good job 😀 I’ll be following of course! I know how hard it is to do stuff like that… But of course I have lots to learn from you! xxx

    • danipochetto

      Bel, thanks a looot! I have a some nice posts on the way to go, especially after the past few days spent in Berlin. I hope you have time to read all of them, and by now I can not thank you enough for such kind words! Hope to hear from you soon!!! xxx

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