love is in the air…


This weekend we celebrated with great style, Lily’s bachelorette Party!



The weather was amazing, and we were all wearing white, except for our lovely bride to be!


We had a lot of fun, played a lot of games, ate a lot of good food and drank a looot of good wine…



I had the opportunity to prepare one of my favourite tricky special-treats: Jelly watermelon with vodka!


An so it was: A pleasant day,with lovely people gathered together to celebrate with a dear friend!

I am pretty sure I speak for all of us (the pretty girls above)+ a whole bunch of people: We wish Lilly all the very best ! Thank you very much to have us with you in such a special day!

So!!! If you want to share some special moments with your girlfriends I highly recommend you to prepare some jelly watermelon! Here’s what you need for about 10 people: One little watermelon, 25 g. of Agar Agar or unflavored gelatine (+ the amount of water necessary to solve it = 10 table spoons), about 3dl. of Vodka, and about 1/2 a cup of sugar or 2 table spoons of Stevia.

(My watermelon was super sweet, so I decided to use no sweetener at all , BUT… after it cooled out, the vodka flavour was a little bit too bitter so I did sprinkle some crystal sugar plus a little bit of sea salt over the already sliced pieces, and I think it worked perfectly!)


Method: Cut your watermelon in half, and save one of the parts for your tomorrow detox juicy (watermelon+lime+lots of ice!). For now, you should remove all the fruit of the other half watermelon, but let about one centimeter of fruit between the shell and the void you are supposed to create! Process the fruit and add vodka, gelatine and some sweetener if you want! Place the mixture inside the empty half , and took it to the refrigerator for about 6 hours, or over night!

Enjoy it with special people!

dp bye


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