greeny gin tonic

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So…what about gin tonic?

First thing: It is delicious; Second thing: It fits perfectly pretty much whatever occasion: lunches, dinners, parties, cocktail (or as we say over here: Apéro) nights; Third thing: you can try multiple tasteful variations!; Last thing: you should take it easy, because even though it may taste like a soft drink it is pretty alcoholic!

I wrote earlier on this post about testing some gin t. variations, and so far we have a winner: Green Apple + Lemon Balm Gin Tonic!

So you may ask me: ok…what about Green Apple + Lemon Balm Gin Tonic? Well… the citric taste and also the smell are awesome, but what I must say is: the apples you have left happen to be the best part of the whole thing! I mean: Apples works fine as sponges, did you know that?! Well, I didn’t until now…

For two reasonable GALB GinT’s, you will need half an apple, about ten lemon balm leaves, 0.33dl. of tonic, and half the amount of Gin! The important thing is to cut super thin apple slices! They happen to lose more “juice”, and also to absorb more gin: believe me: It is a great exchange!


Tip: mix the liquids first, to be sure about proportions, then add your greens (what makes the whole thing sounds super healthy…heheheee) , some ice … briefly mix it and voilà!

Enjoy it!dp bye


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