must know tip 02

Do you know Domenico Modugno? Well you definitely do… So let me refresh my question: Does this words sound familiar: “…amada mia amore mio…lalalalala…amada mia amore mio…”?

I am pretty sure most of you have seen Woody Allen’s last movie  ‘ To Rome with love ‘ , and if you did the words I just typed might be playing in your head by now … funny right?!?

Right! But I didn’t even started… SERIOUSLY: Modugno may be cheesy, but he is one of Italy’s must know!

Besides writing and singing some of the most remarkable Italian “Canzoni”, the man performed as an actor in  more than 40 movies, among them  ‘Appuntamento a Ischia ‘ and that is a HIT!

If you are still not convinced, I have some extra cards hidden in my pocket: such as  ‘Dio, come ti amo ‘,  ‘Io’ also performed by Elvis Presley as ‘ Ask Me’ , and tadadada:

‘ Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu ‘ (and this one is beyond awesome…especially if performed by the incredible martini man – Dean Martin – come on!!!).

I bet by now you must be thinking: How did I neglected Modugno for so long?!? (Hahaha – I am so naïve…). But really: You should look it out … I am pretty sure you won’t regret it!

dp bye


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