D.I.Y. sunglass case

ald.sew 02Last week I had such a great time playing with my sewing machine! And I am very glad to share the results with you guys!!!

Here is the thing: I am freaking neurotic about some organization attitudes, and something that really nerves me, is to see my or someone else’s sunglass free-falling into the wildness of a suitcase, or lying around on the sand out of protection:

(seriously: last year I spent pretty much two weeks completely sad about a damage on my sunglass lens… in the meantime Jonathan had a lot of fun making jokes about it and telling me it was nothing but a lint … really mean!!! Then one day he took the sunglass from my hands, spat on the lens, rubbed it against his T-shirt – seriously – BUT I have to tell you the truth: he solved the whole situation! The problem is: I would never have the balls to be so aggressive with my very own belongings, so I’d better take good care of them!!! )

Both me and Jonathan have only big cases for our sunglasses,  really inconvenient to carry around, and we should not simply decide not to carry a sunglass case… (and by now you may understand what I mean, right?!).

So what better than a unique sunglass case, that one could definitely not live without? I could not think about anything else until I finally made it:

ald.sew 02aFor this project you will need nothing but some fancy textiles, colorful line (I love when you can actually see it), and of course, a scissor and a sewing machine! Actually you can also sew it by yourself, because it is a very simple project. And if you have an overclock machine, which is not my case, you can assemble inside and outside layers without borders and have a reversible case (I played with inside and outside colors, but unfortunately my case is not reversible…)!

dp bye


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