my living room project

ald.mob 00

We live on upper floor, which is amazing because we have a high ceiling BUT… (oh f****** but) we have to deal with some tricky corners in our living room!

I am an architect, what means: a tricky corner is nothing but an opportunity to have a great idea and to create a unique space (ohhh, that sounds so pretentious… but it is not!). So from the first moment we found our apartment, it was obvious we needed a perfect piece of furniture for the corner represented below:

ald.mob 02

The main idea was to have a long dining table  surrounded by a trunk and ‘shelf-benches’ . The goal was to make everything by ourselves, and of course: as cheap as possible!

E A S Y ! (oh sooo easy…)

So we bought 4 wood boards and (trying not to waste a thing),  developed a proper modulation, concerning always ‘the best’ ergonomic answer in combination with our drawing.

Here you can see the assembling plan:

ald.mob 04

And the result (tadadada!!!), plus part of the assembling process:

ald.mob 03

Total cost: CHF 800,00.

It took us two weekends to assemble everything… Fair enough!

dp bye



      • zachandclem

        That’s awesome, really inspirational. My fiance and I have so many ideas and ambitions, but none of us is an engineer or architect or anything really “methodical”. We love seeing things work out for others though, lol!

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