sewing 01 

Once upon a time … (OR just being realistic: ever since I found my 1914 15S singer) there was a beautiful young lady (once we are playing fairytale here…)  who was often seen around making some kind of art and definitely having a joyful time when ‘playing’ with this kind of pre-historical machine she has been given!

That’s me! Even better: That is my personal fairytale: The story about a magical place called ‘my corner’ the same place  you can easily recognise up there!

So far, my very preferred project was to sew coverture pieces for my bicycle!

Because besides modeling and sewing, I had a lot of fun stamping the fabric myself!!!

I mean:  I really love sunny days, but lately I also became a big fan of rainy days, they are perfect for you to immerse your(MY)self in this kind of projects!dp bye


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