color up your life

ald.crafts 01

Last year we bought an old bike at the flohmarkt, and I thought: “I can definitely improve it!”… So I made a sketch of the bike, disassembled it, cleaned and removed the old paint, repainted it with a lovely color, which suits me much better (heheee) and at last reassembled everything!

I must tell you: I am pretty talented for the job… but I have to admit: Even though I did my best (and my sketch really helped me with that) I had one screw left after the reassembling process, and I can tell you until today where it may be placed… what I can tell you for sure is that the bicycle is riding just fine, so… I assume it to be a successful project!

You should try coloring things up yourself one of this days! I would love to hear about someone else’s experience!dp bye


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