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I have some much to say about architecture… BUT first I must say : EAMES, BARDI, KAHN.


I love Charles and Ray Eames story and furniture!

I am a pleased owner of two DSW chairs, one DAR and one DCW!

I intend to write extra lines about them in the future, but in this first moment I would like to recommend the documentary about the architect and the painter.


Lina Bo Bardi was an Italian architect who found in Brasil her home.

Lina designed not only amazing buildings, but also absolutely fine pieces of furniture and jewelry.

I have left my ‘girafinha’ chair in Brasil, and I miss it every day!

What I definitely admire about Lina is the precision she had to put things together, into masterpieces. Not only when she gathered references to create architecture or furniture, but also when she put words together to build remarkable sentences and texts.

I recommend the book “lina por escrito” for the Portuguese readers, and I hope Lina’s texts happen to be published in other languages in a near future!


Last week we went to Louis Kahn exhibition at Vitra design museum.

The exposition was extremelly fine, even though I found it hard to be uninteresting when it comes to Mr.s Kahn, a guy who produced remarkable architecture, but who was himself a very interesting man.

I must also recommend “my architecture” a documentary about Louis, for those who might be interested to know more about Mr.Kahn. Try this preview first!

Hope you may have a delightful time, even or most of all if you are not an architect!dp bye


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