why don’t you go and see the world?


The best thing about living in Basel, is for sure how easy we can move around (and we don’t even have a car)!

The thing is: Swiss railway system is amazing! And we have a reduction pass that makes traveling by train, especially inside Switzerland a very good deal! Besides, Basel airport is one of the best easy jet bases in Switzerland, so we can also travel to many destinations in Europe cheap and easily!

Last year I went to Rome twice for nothing less than CHF 11,00… I mean… It is freaking amazing!!!

You now may understand why only fools don’t get to see a big portion of the world when living in Basel! So in the last one and a half year I have been to London, Italy, French, Germany, Belgium, Austria and  Nederland when possible more than once!

Ever since I was a little girl, one of the things I have ever been pretty sure of, was that I would have to see the world! The first time I left Brazil was when I was going to be 25 years old! So I still have a lot to see… and I am very happy to be surrounded of such great possibilities to go abroad and see the world at this point of my life!

Hope to share a lot of stories in here! dp bye


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