pleased to meet you…


My name is Daniela and the picture above may say a looot about me! Anyway, I will do my best to write some extra lines about me and alightdelight:

I was born and raised in São Paulo: Brazil, from a 75% Italian / 25% German background. (It is a very important reference, regarding my very Italian way of life, and my ‘unexpected’ Germanic way of thinking and many times behaving…what may not only sound as, but actually is a big contradiction… OhOhhh!)

I am an architect who loves history, art, jewelry AND construction sites… but most of all I am a very curious person who loves to read!

At the moment I live in Basel Switzerland with my lovely husband! We are a lovely young couple and life is just ahead of us! YEH!!!

For the past few months I have been learning some important tasks from ground zero (seriously!!!) – Such as German (S E R I O U S L Y) ; the art and the “Joy of cooking”; how to ride a bike (without regular accidents); how to sew creative projects with a treadle machine – all and always in a very delightful way!

Sometimes I mess up things pretty bad, but sometimes things work out just fine, in a light and delightful way! That’s why I resolved to start this blog: to share my experiences (the successful ones…most of the time) with those who may be interested in some tips or some laughs!!!

I wish I can be interesting enough… and hopefuly a light and delightful refresh for everyday life, because routine can be fun after all!

dp bye



  1. Nati

    Dani danii

    Qdo o Caio deixa eu leio seu blog
    Deveria ter divulgado antes!! Rsrs bjoo

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